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  1. Rhodes is one of those players that''s great if the rest of the team are performing but pretty useless if not. He (along with Pukki) is the type of striker I thought might do well with how Farke wants to play.It''s a risk but I''d definitely rather we had a striker that''s scored loads of Champs goals in the past than one that hasn''t. Also he''s probably only going to end up earning the money we''ve been paying Nelson anyway.
  2. [quote user="Indy_Bones"][quote user="Mike "]Looks like it.... just hope this new lad can cut it in the Championship.[/quote]Good enough for Dortmund and the Champs League, but you''re unsure if he''s good enough for us in the Champs...jesus wept.[/quote]Played against the mighty Warsaw and Sporting Lisbon in the CL and then didn''t get near their team last year. Not saying they''d throw just anybody in in a CL game but he''s clearly gone off the boil. Suppose that''s not a bad thing for us as Trybull and Leitner were in comparable situations but have looked good. Also anybody that''s played right through the German youth system over the last 6 or 7 years is probably not too bad.
  3. Parking the KV-2 is fine for the odd game (we did it at quite a few away games last year) but we all know from experience how tiring it gets week after week.I think the best team at the World Cup so far have been Uruguay. Very organised defensively, aggressively going after the ball high up the pitch (early on at least), nothing too flash but still have the cutting edge up top. Granted it probably helps that they are spearheaded by Cavani and Suarez.
  4. Absolutely up there with the guy that used to sit there and moan whenever the ball went within 10 feet of Andy Hughes.
  5. That''s good but a lot of players do that. Most of those players weren''t earning £300k p/w at the age of 18/19 either.
  6. It''s a very warm day; [:D]My likening him to Snodgrass was more based off what I''ve read than what I''ve seen tbh. Not the quickest, technically good, great delivery from open play and a dead ball. Have seen Wolves fans say that he''s wasted at wingback because he''s so good when it comes to attacking. Redmond and Snodgrass were obviously both instructed to cut inside and shoot whenever possible by Hughton. Lets not get into this again though.
  7. I''d noticed the similarities to RVW but didn''t want to curse him by mentioning it.To be honest the way we''re aiming to play now should suit this type of player more than back then. Exciting times. Thinking about it Marshall is a Snodgrass type player, hopefully Teemu gets the pens.
  8. Incredible how people actually respond to the most obvious WUM on the site.
  9. [quote user="ron obvious"]I wonder why he was on a free? Seems a touch odd.[/quote]Bosmans aren''t really uncommon and they certainly don''t mean something is wrong with the player as player, I think a lot of them even like it as it means more bonus for them. I think we signed 3 on frees last summer, 2 of them have turned out really well (Zimermann and Trybull) and we made a decent profit on the other (Watkins).
  10. [quote user="king canary"]Piers Morgan is an absolute cunt I can''t think of anything worse.[/quote]I can. Piers Morgan and Ed Balls.
  11. Columbia are the better side but look far from unbeatable. The other route would probably mean playing Brazil in the QFs.
  12. Well that would be a lot harder to say no to than the supposed £3m for Godfrey. Would expect us to keep hold of an English, club grown player that is first choice in his position though. Especially after Murphy was sold.
  13. The only fee I''ve seen mentioned is £4m......by a binner on Twitter. Nothing from any journos.
  14. I can''t bring myself to solely blame Neil for Yanic/Naismith and especially Jarvis. Club panicked for the first 2 and I think Johnson was all about McNally.Dorrans played a decent part in the turnaround in form and he was signed as soon as Neil got here. Then for every Yannic or Jarvis there was a Brady or Pritchard. You win some, you lose some.
  15. He only played in a few defeats and I''m pretty sure he played in the win against leeds. Others have mentioned that he was playing deeper than his his natural position in order to keep Maddison in the side. Great signing.
  16. [quote user="Thirsty Lizard"]You can add Louis Thompson to your original list as well King Canary.[/quote]After 2 years of not playing I think you can put him with Jarvis in the unlikely to play for the club again pile.
  17. We are signing midfielders but you do realise Hoolahan, Maddison, Watkins, Reed and Murphy have left right?
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