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  1. Wildschut scored the winner for Bolton vs West Brom by the looks of it.
  2. [quote user="TIL 1010"]That hopefully has stopped this forum being a very unpleasant place this evening, the EU thread being the exception of course.[/quote]oh well
  3. Surely it''s time for Leitner, McLean or Cantwell.
  4. Does that work? I know the official stream cuts out during the games.
  5. I''m sure he has played there, worry born from reports of him playing there and looking poor in pre season though. Apparently Farke did say that he would be playing experienced players today,
  6. Husband was improving game after game before hsi injury last season, don''t get the hate he gets every time he''s in the team.  Far more worried about the right back today.
  7. Wonder if Passlack is injured, thought he would have at least made the bench. Little worried about Marshall at right back.
  8. [quote user="AJ"]No Vrancic in the squad either?[/quote]Not sure if I''m being suckered in but he''s been injured all pre season and is still a way off.
  9. A lot depemds on Rhodes and Krul finding old form but I think a lot of clubs would take our spine. We have players that underperformed last season as opposed to a bad squad.
  10. Unless Farke changed his tune on cup games after last season then I''d expect the current number 1 to play in the cup.
  11. I honestly think we''re going to win all 7.
  12. Know it was only a friendly game but but Marshall did not look like a right back that could play in a 4. Perhaps a wing back in a 3. Think he was also playing on the right side of midfield when he was actually performing well. Onel Hernandez has been playing well at left midfield so I can''t see him starting anywhere else.So for me it''s;KrulPasslack / Hanley / Klose / HusbandMarshall / Thompson/ Leitner / Trybull / HernandezRhodesCould easily be Godfrey over Thompson and even Pukki over Rhodes. Will be pretty damn hard to pick a midfield once Vramcic and Tettey get back fit.
  13. Heavy rain and a lightning show in nr4. After 2 months of heat I went for a walk in it.
  14. I wanted to see Nelson''s number change to see his reaction.
  15. Clearly doesn''t fancy Raggett this season and thankfully doesn''t rate Martin. If we''re going to regularly be playing a 3 then we need another even with Godfrey seemingly being seen as a capable option. Suppose something will happen when/if Martin/Oliveira/Ivo leave.
  16.  You can get full match playback on canaries player. Probably worth the fee if you''re not getting to games.
  17. I liked the one about ''former city star'' Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe moving from Olympiacos to Gent the other day. Didn''t he play for us about 11 or 12 times?
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