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  1. [quote user="topflightblueandwhite"] "please go away and learn some elementary grammar"   Your joking right? If you are going to try to educate me, please teach me correctly.   I was refering to Nodge as an object not a group of people. [/quote]   haha, i''m guessing that you meant to say "YOU''RE joking, right?" proving your point well.
  2. well, by the looks of things, at 14, im one of the youngest. Read the posts quite often but never really comment (: x
  3. Seriously, who are you? The Punctuation Police.
  4. [quote user="TIL 1010"][quote user="CambridgeCanary"] [quote user="glove1"]cheerio cheerio cheerio......i will pay for your flight back to scotland!![/quote] Teacher training day or just bunking off school? [/quote] Doubt it as it contains correct spelling. [/quote]   Yes, good one. Lets just assume, that all young people are completely illiterate. [8-)]
  5. yet, many people continued to boo. pretty pointless, if i''m honest.
  6. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] 1 for every player.. gutless morons! they will get exactly what they deserve next season... places on the bench at other clubs because they arent good enough. jas :) [/quote]   LOL, funny and true [8-)]
  7. ''Semmy- 3'' that seems a bit generous imho :L he played absolutely dire today. it was actually embarresing. Oh, and did anyone see that freekick? obviously practiced in training. But went shamefully wrong. :L
  8. ''Fotheringham 0'' i understand why you could say that, because he did play poor. but if im honest, comments like that, and the booing today. There seriously is no need. He is our captain remember. you expect players to have confidence? :L what a joke.
  9. [quote user="king canary"][quote user="CanaryGirl"] i''m another of the ''lurkers'' [:P] as it has been said, i tend to sit back and watch. (: x [/quote] Cant you get arrested for that? [/quote]   Umm, Arrested for what? :L  [^o)] (:
  10. i''m another of the ''lurkers'' [:P] as it has been said, i tend to sit back and watch. (: x
  11. And according to the BBC and another thread, we''re close to signing Gow. (: OTBC x   [:)]
  12. 1 -1, well thats 5 points from possible 9. 3 games unbeaten. (: x
  13. [quote user="kiwiNCFC"]LOL what the hell was that on radio norfolk just then? [/quote] i was thinking exactly the same thing, [^o)] OTBC(: x
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