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  1. haha she made me stay on the phone till the money had been taken out of my account
  2. the ticket office just called me asking for my card number again as i got it wrong and said that i have got the col who tickets so they have started to sort them out
  3. [quote user="SimonOTBC"]Against Brighton wasn''t it?[/quote]   yer it was against brighton
  4. Gunn is going to be on there soon talking about next season
  5. IF and its a big IF we stay up at charlton do you think there will be one then on the pitch at charlton ??????
  6. [quote user="CT "] Did anyone else think it was bloody hilarious when that scummer fan put his hand through that pub window? It made I larf! [/quote]   yer that was funny the two police man standing there looked at each other and smiled as well
  7. 1-0 to Norwich and Lee to score the goal  come on you yellows
  8. on itv 1 they went to the adverts for some reason and missed the everton goal
  9. [quote user="snakepit"] what are you not enjoying it?.. come on you blues! o and big up to the easton college boys who won 4 -1 in the cup today! [/quote] Easton will not get past East Norfolk  as we always beat you and o yer WE BEAT THE SCUM 2-0   
  10. One of the main reasons why he wasn’t scoring is because everytime he had a shot and missed some of the crowed where getting on his back and this didn’t do him any good.
  11. yer ok do u want to give me your mobile number then i can tex u in the moring and tell you where to meet in london ??  
  12. yer i do mate sorry i havent got back 2 u i am getting the 10 train if u want it we will have to meet so i can give it 2 u
  13. hey can anyone tell me what train they are getting when they get into london and what time so i have an idea what time i should get it thanks skinner
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