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  1. http://www.friendsoffulham.com/forum/index.php?topic=41627.0
  2. I was just reading the post about people who have been here for a long time. I thought I''d check out old posts. Teletext made me laugh!!
  3. I agree - our previous relegations from Premier League have not been good either.
  4. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/competitions/championship/10826050/How-often-do-relegated-Premier-League-clubs-bounce-straight-back-from-the-Championship.html Could not see if this has been mentioned...good read. Shows how important the recruit of new manager will decide on going up again.
  5. If they are not backing him, surely they should have sacked him by now and given a manager this window to bring in new? Slightly disagree, my take on it is stay up on cheap...and spend more in summer
  6. On a scale of 1-10 1 being total $hit It''s a 0 for me
  7. Why is Snodgrass one of best in premiership for dfk but total rubbish at corners? In my opinion anyway...
  8. Sunderland down after that! Highlight of season for them!
  9. I was looking this chant up the other day, when Man City sung to WBA fans Championship, Championship you are going Championship, Championship we pray Championship, Championship you are going You are going at the end of May
  10. I tried to highlight last week that it''s not just league games that count. Obviously only league games collect points. However some of our rivals for the bottom three places have FA Cup, League games and Europa League games (Swansea). Sunderland and West Ham have both progressed to semi-finals, and other teams will get further in FA Cup with distractions to the league.
  11. My prediction is 36 with points from :- Newcastle - 1 Cardiff - 1 West Ham - 1 Villa - 1 Stoke - 3 Sunderland - 3 West Brom - 3 West Brom, West Ham, Cardiff, Fulham, Sunderland and Stoke all on less points. Any wins from the other games will be a bonus, but I never expect us to win against top teams so write them off and don''t get excited either way. Easily safe this year with some poor teams, however need to take into consideration Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City (Liverpool, Everton and Spurs to an extent) have not dropped as many points compared to other years.
  12. People saying CH out! What can he do to stop Snoddgrass crossing the ball? Great at free kicks! That cross was woeful!!
  13. Since our exit of the cup this week, I thought I''d look into the success and failure of progressing in cup competitions and relegation at the end of season. Both FA Cup and League Cup. Some will say what clarifies as success, so this is based on getting to fifth round or further, and only for the last 10 years:- 2012/13 Wigan - FA C Winners Reading - FA C 5th 2011/12 Bolton FA C QF Blackburn LC QF 2010/11 Birmingham LC Winners and FA C QF West Ham LC SF and FA C QF 2009/10 Portsmouth FA C Finalist and LC QF 2008/09 Middlesbrough FA C QF 2006/07 Charlton LC QF Watford FA C SF 2005/06 Birmingham LC QF and FA C QF 2004/05 Southampton FA C QF 12 teams out of 30. I''m not saying it is a factor, just to see whether there is a correlation between the distraction of league and cup games. Some team also may have played replay. Teams still in FA Cup and League Cup this season:- Swansea - Birmingham (A) Cardiff - Bolton (A) Hull - Southend (A) Sunderland - Kidderminster (H) Palace - Wigan (A) Fulham - Sheff U (A) West Ham LC SF Sunderland LC SF Swansea Europa Several of the above will progress further in the competitions, with injuries and suspensions!
  14. [quote user="morty"][quote user="Jimbo_Canary"][quote user="norfolkngood"]he states strongly they will not sack CH ![/quote] Then dare I suggest the fans anger will turn in on Delia and the board. [/quote]Only if idiots stir it up.The sooner some of them realise that our board knows more about running a football club, the better.[/quote] Well said Morty
  15. Yes. I hate it when a player is suspended for 3 games but it''s against 3 teams that were not on the end of the offence! People will say it''s always been like this so don''t change. But people said goal line tech will not happen!?
  16. How long has it taken Poyet to get Sunderland playing well? It''s too late to sack him in my opinion! Stick with him and KTF! Fulham, Cardiff, WBA, Palace all changed and none are doing much better?! Everton away was hardly going to be a 3 points with their form wake up!
  17. This will not go down well, but surely these are the teams we should be competing with, i''ll be told I have no ambiton, but we are in a different league to the top 8 and are not able to compete...simples!
  18. Against United there were two incidents that frustrated me.. 1. A simple throw in between Martin and someone. We immediately lost possession and set United on another attack, from our throw in at an attacking stage 2. A overlap pass from Snoddy to Martin. I don''t think he even looked to see that Russell had not even started the run...the ball went out for a throw. Very frustrating - I know every pass, throw, free kick etc is not going to be right, but these are basic football moves. I sometimes think the effort is not there. Wes is the only person I can think will put 100% effort in, even though I may mis-pass or dribble too far
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