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  1. [quote user="CaptnCanary"] [quote user="The_Logitian"]I am calm dude, just don''t see the point in discussing something that is 99% sure to not happen is all :)[/quote] 10 years ago people might have said its 99% certain that 2 planes wont fly into the world trade centre on the same day. Does that mean it didnt happen? [/quote] I hear you, but did people start pointless internet threads on it possibly happening? Probably not.
  2. Agreed. Lets just leave it and remember the Hucks in his prime.
  3. Yup I agree with all of that Simon, it was laughable he was our captain! & I am hardly suprised nobody wants him. Shows you what shocking standards were in our relagation team.
  4. Correct me if I''m wrong, but he still hasn''t found a new club, thus still a free agent? I find this laughable considering he was our captain!
  5. I am calm dude, just don''t see the point in discussing something that is 99% sure to not happen is all :)
  6. There''s a 1% chance he will play again, and even then it may not be for Norwich, so it''s just a pipe dream.
  7. It''s just not going to happen, so why bother debating it?
  8. thank you! Wycombe highlights are useful.
  9. Ricardo - I said he is the worst player I have seen playing for a Norwich on a "regular" basis in my 18 years as a fan. There have been others that have come and gone who have probably been worse, but it seems The Doc (for some bizarre reason) has kept his jersey for some 185 games. Also, I don''t think my post was biased at all, I listed his strength, that he could sliding tackle, and I could have added that he was brave too, but apart from that I think the only thing he offers is being a liability. Yes Daryl Sutch was awful, but The Doc has caused me much more pain watching in the stands.
  10. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Probably Archant''s last ditch attempt at shop windowing him [:)][/quote]God I hope so.
  11. "I''ve stated before that those on here against Doc, are of a fixed opinion"Yes, we are. We can plainly see that he can''t play football. Unless he magically develops skills overnight then our opinion will never change!When I think of the other players in the team I can see some ability, but not Doherty.
  12. The worst player I have seen wear the shirt on a regular basis since I started following City in 1991. Why anyone can stand up for him is beyond me.Doherty''s distrubution is terrible, he simply can''t play football. He totally brainless. He hoofs it upfield and we lose it, all the bloody time! Do people miss this part? Keep the bloody ball and the other team can''t score, simple! He is without doubt the worst footballer in the team. Askou and Spillane were much better as they can actually distribute the ball from defence.He is too slow, he defends too deep and this badly affects the team. He gets nervous too, and this is infectious in the team.He can''t bloody head the ball either, so sense of direction. This is evident in the amount of free headers I''ve seen him waste from corners over the years, over the bar, every bloody time.He climbs all over players, pulls shirts and gives away silly fouls, a liability, plain and simple.The only thing Doherty can do is sliding tackle, but this normally results in him booting the ball into row Z.I simply can''t see what he offers the team, it''s beyond me, he is a joke. I always think that he must be loving it here, picking up a decent wage despite not being utter rubbish. We are mugs, he is probably a really nice guy with a good attitude which bodes well, but he can''t play football, ffs! I bet there would be no rush from other clubs to sign him if we made him available. Even looks out of his depth in League 1.I would be glad to drive him to his next club, even it was Sydney FC, and I would pay them money from my own pocket too, probably like many other NCFC fans.Please Lambart, see the light, it''s time to move on to a new era!
  13. I put £20 on it, worth a go I guess! Put £20 on us to get promoted at 5-2 aswell, hopefully that will happen at least then I''ll get my money back and make a bit.
  14. Worrying, but Wes has stated he wants to stay so we''ll see. Maybe he is just starting to feel settled so he may not want off yet. I''m hoping no bids will come in by 31st of Aug and we''ll keep him till at least the new year.
  15. Yup, very sad news, I read his autobiography last year which was a great read, I recommend it to anyone on here. He was a success story as he become a pro whilst working down the mines, he''s definately a good role model to anyone wanting to follow their dreams, his achievements were remarkable. What a life he led, and he was truely a humble gentleman which is rare in todays game.   RIP Sir Bobby.
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