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  1. Come on after the performance of that ref and linesman,evan a vicar would swear.
  2. You mean another game,where a wrong decision has produced the wrong result.I dont follow either team,but that decision wasnt a hard choice.
  3. The chap you are all talking about is ginger pele,we were stood next to him and his mates,and had a great laugh with them.Think they all had a few drinks,but they were friendly and very entertaining. Most of the chants were started by these lads,and the Chris Martin thing is only tounge in cheek,as the song goes top of the league having a laugh.They certainly were.
  4. Did anyone stand near Ginger pele and his mates on Saturday,how he can shout as loud as that I will never know.Thought he and his mates were great ,nice to see fans having a good time,although second half he looked a bit worse for wear.Glad I didnt have to pay there bar bill.
  5. Got married the day before,and as wedding had been booked never got Wembly,had to settle for watching on the telly.Never mind tuesday will be our silver wedding,and next year will be my golden year for going to Carrow road.No complaints with either.
  6. I had £40 at 13/2 before a ball had been kicked, to win the league,so although I will be pleased to get promotion, champions woul make me much happier.
  7. Hall road are good.Had some sat night when I got back from Brighton.Nice people and tables to sit and eat.fried to order.
  8. Was it worse than gallas,I dont think so.On another day he would have got away with it.
  9. Have watched it several times,and will say it probably looked worse than it was.If you can watch it again,look  at the two feet from the Brentford player which were studs showing before Holt arrived,then look at the player have a quick look at the ref to see what card he has brought out.I am not saying the ref got it wrong,but on another day there may have been a differant outcome.The other player was not hurt,and infact a free kick was awarded to us for a previous foul.My feelings are that the ref was a bit hasty and should have taken more time,again if you look the card was out very quick.
  10. While we are on the subject of your pitch etc.For a new stadium I thought it was dreadfull.The place was souless,plastic,and behind the stand looked more like B&Q than a football stadium.How anyone can pay money and go there every other week is beyond belief.Just remember we brought more fans to your joke of a stadium than you get most saturdays,and could have filled all four sides if we had to.Fifty years I have been following the yellows,and have not been to a more sad looking half finished shed in all that time.Its about time your chaiman got his cheque book out and finished the place off.If he coud build a stadium as good as he gobs off you would all have something to shout about.Now eddy melito may I suggest that you crawl back to your hovel,and only come back when you have improved or got something better to say.
  11. Parking could be a problem at colchester.Would appreciate any info on where to park and price.Do anyone know what the food outlets are like.?
  12. Cant see anyone else getting it. May I suggest that it is presented to him prior to kick off on Jan 16.Presented to him by Scowling.lol
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