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  1. Hi, I interviewed Hucks last week for Livewire1350, UEA''s Student Radio station, To listen to it, check out http://www.livewire1350.com/darrenhuckerby! Thanks!
  2. It was such a good day, I was only 12 and had to put up with all the abuse from West Ham/Arsenal/Chelsea/Spurs/Man Utd fans due to living in Essex so finally I thought we had a chance of doing something special! McVeigh''s goal was one of the highlights of being a City fan. I was sat pretty much straight behind it (I''m the mug wrapped up in flags and foam fingers and all sorts in front row of the river end!) and it was a magic time for all involved! Any chance of uploading the Stockport game that got us into the playoffs? That''d be great to see again!
  3. I did the challenge on this game as well! Hit the bar two out of three times and won a club branded Nokia!
  4. Can someone post the lyrics to this chant? Still yet to work it out!
  5. This would be tempting...if I wasn''t in LA! I''ll be in NY for the final game of the season - do people gather to listen/watch the games in the bar?
  6. It doesn''t seem to work in America - I tried to log on and see some streams but the only ones that are there seem to be italian games...
  7. What was most concerning is that I checked it one minute and firstrow was fine to get the link to SSN and then the next, it was seized by the FBI...
  8. I can top being in school - I''m in America so I''ll be asleep as all the drama unfolds! I might have woken up at 4am to listen to the Ipswich game but staying awake all night for transfer deadline day is a bit too much for me!
  9. I''m in America - does anyone know any links to see highlights of the game? Thanks a lot!
  10. The worst miss was Shearer for Newcastle in the home game of our premiership season. My head was already in my hands assuming it had gone in but somehow I heard the river end laugh and he''d put it wide...anyone remember?
  11. Surely we are at UEA so we can get a job in the future...? and seeing as I work while Im here, it seems like I didnt need your advice but thanks for the tip! Thanks alot for looking at this post anyway guys, hopefully we can make a difference to people that need it most!
  12. Seeing as Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world, its not surprising really that you are hearing so much about it and people are trying to do their bit! I agree that it has been thrust in peoples faces but a forum is a good place to try and get support and hopefully raise a little bit more than we would otherwise have been able to! Also, once Oxfam''s Haiti fund has been completed all money goes to helping other projects in countries that need the money most! Thanks for at least reading the post anyway - shows at the worst a vague amount of interest in the fundraiser and if you bought the single, thank you even more!
  13. Hi everyone, For the Oxfam Haiti appeal, UEA student radio Livewire1350 have released a charity single before their annual Hearing Aid campaign! You can download it for only a pound or as much as you would like to donate! http://single.livewire1350.com/track/hearing-aid-for-haiti Please help if you can! Thanks alot for taking the time to read this! Joe
  14. Does anyone know if there are any left and how much they would cost for an under21? If we can go top of the league with free coach travel its worth going to!
  15. As a UEA student, Im guessing it will be on in the union but the atmosphere might be prettty minimal! Wheres the best place to watch the game in the city?
  16. any idea on ticket news? possibly a sky game as well!
  17. Hi! Getting a season ticket if you''re at UEA works really easily, Ive been doing it for the last year. I dont know how much tickets are im afraid, but there is a fairly strong norwich contingent around campus and the busses from campus make it work really easily for match days. If your not going to head to all games, maybe membership would be a better option...its cheaper and you still get money off match tickets I think... Joe
  18. I called up Canary Call to offer myself for sunday...they didnt put me on air though!
  19. I hit two out of three on the crossbar challenge! =D Wahey! Free phone thank you very much! Something I''d reccomend for everyone to do - walking out on the pitch is something special! I took a pair of boots, so getting to put them on in the dugout and saying hi to the subs as they come out for the warm up was amazing!  
  20. Hi! How are you travelling to the match on sunday? Im trying to get from Shenfield but its rail replacement all the way to Ipswich and wondering if you had any ideas that might help! Thanks  
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