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  1. This is the most bizarre post I have read today , Askou " was rather average " absolute bullsh*t he was without a shadow of a doubt our man of the match tonight, he is a real find and personally thing he looks a cracking player. He was even covering the left back side when Drury went off in the first half and always looked comfortable throughout the whole evening. The main problem was when Drury went off and Lappin had to play Left back he is clearly not a left back and definately does not have the pace of one. This forced Martin back and completely changed the whole game. Russell should have been on the bench and should have been brought on instead of McVeigh when he came on, it wasn''t McVeighs fault but he was being played in a holding Midfielder role until the last 20 mins when Lambert changed it around and started to look creative again which we know he is. We were weak in the middle of the park and while I am a fan of the youngsters thought we looked to lightweight and they seemed to win everything in the middle, I don''t like knocking the youngsters but though Daley should really be used for the last twenty mins of games rather than the whole game which I am sure he wouldn''t have if injuries hads not forced Lambert into other changes. Spillane did definately not look out of this depth and for me should be a starter each week. I thought Chris Martin was good last night , I believe this boy has so much ability and was a same he couldn''t have played further up the pitch last night for longer. Everytime he had the ball something happended and for me again this boy needs to start every week.
  2. Brilliant comment and one I am a hundred per cent in agreement with , the blokes a complete fu*king liability and probably not even good enough for conference football. I just hope he leaves sooner rather than later !!!!!!!
  3. [quote user="Duffman"]Doherty has been  the only consistent member of the team for the last 4 years. In which time we have been relegated twice and survived relegation another time. Now I know there are 10 other players out there with him but doesn''t it seem weird that things have gone downhill since he arrived.   He gives away silly fouls inside and outside the box (was back to his best on Saturday with his octopus arms) and has been sent off on a few occasions for his poor timing in the tackle.    He was skinned by a kid against Man U and made to conceed a pen and then fell to floor when trying to tackle N''Zogbia a week later.   Then he gets turned by Lisbie so easily that he wouldnt have looked out of place in a Sunday league team. Would anybody care to list his attributes ?  I dare you to. Spurs fans laughed when we paid a Million pound for Doherty and I bet they haven''t stopped since.   Don''t give me this bull about Doherty being our most consistent player for the last 2 or 3 years either because lets all be honest for a second, that is nothing to shout about.   I said this last year that if Gary Doherty is our best defender and most consistent then no wonder we are where we find ourselves today.    Worthy, Grant, Roeder and Gunny have all fallen for this guy and look where that got them. [/quote] Best post I have read today , so true and to the point. Can not understand why everyone linked to the club does not see it !!    
  4. Best post I have read today , so true and to the point. Can not understand why everyone linked to the club does not see it !!
  5. I agree with the fact we do not really have many other options at the moment but think they should have released him in the summer ( probably the highest paid player at the club ) and got a better centre half in. Can''t understand why they didn''t get Shackell back when he is not even in the third team where he is and could have got him for next to nothing.
  6. I think this is a complete crack up , keep backing him boys keep backing him. I agree we have desperately missed a holding midfield player ever since Safri left but he really is a poor player and while he remains playing for Norwich City I find it hard to see us keeping clean sheets and being successful
  7. really don''t understand this , can''t see how you feel he has been our most consistent player. Everyone I know who doesn''t even support Norwich keep telling me how poor they think Doherty is after watching games. Bet you notice a difference in the team if he doesn''t play for 5 or 6 games !!
  8. Completely agree the biggest joke ever at Carrow road. Can''t believe he has the cheek to come out and talk about that dross on Saturday and take no liability for it. He is the biggest laughing stock since Dean coney !!
  9. CB Doherty - he is not a bad defender, despite current feeling. He needs to have faith with who he is playing with though. Sorry but this is complete rubbish , he is a shocking defender. Can not believe some people are saying he should still be in the team. Joke !!
  10. This is so so true , it really is time for the bloke to be dropped. I honestly feel he has been the biggest problem in the team for the last two years. I don''t understand the way myself and everyone I know see''s how poor Doherty is and yet he still plays and worse is the captain. I serious think we won''t improve until he is out of the team. I am also getting bored of people saying play a fast player next to him, his rubbish this just ends up making the other player looking poor because his having to do more.
  11. Was is Crook who was responsible for bringing this Goalie to Norwich as he is from Australia, if it is this is a real worry for me. That other bloke Crook brought to the club last year was the worst player I have ever seen play profession football.
  12. This is spot on, he really is terrible , their second goal was comical. He ran past Doherty after after giving me a ten yard start then beat him twice on the edge of the box before hitting his shot.  He is such a poor player and really can''t see us improving at the back until he is dropped. It is such bullsh*t when people keep saying he needs to quick player playing next to him !! I would honestly say he is top three worst players at the club. The worry is Gun has made him captain and obviously likes him. I would really love to see a run of 5 or 6 games without him in the team and see how we get on, should hopefully then make everyone realise what one of the main problem is !
  13. No your stupid for critising probably would have for any appointment, can''t you at least be positive to start with rather than moaning. Unbelieveable !!!!!
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