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  1. [quote user="Jim Smith"]If we offload any of our senior players (particularly Russell or Hoolahan) whilst the team is still in contention for either the top six or automatic promotion then that in my eyes will be totally unacceptable and unforgivable unless it can be shown clearly that it was the only possible way of us avoiding administration. We should not even be giving approaches for these players the time of day, particularly from tinpot clubs like Swansea who will do f**k all this season or next. [/quote] As long as you dont give OTJ back. Couldn''t believe our luck when you took him. Not that he played often for our tinpot club anyway. If we ever have any more duffers we''ll be sure to send them your way.
  2. [quote user="Mushroom"]Come on City, we need no further motivation - THEY''RE WELSH![/quote]So the prospect of beating the welsh motivates you more than getting points to stay up?No wonder you''re going down.
  3. [quote user="mystic megson is back "] Anyone else remember the Carling Cup game at the Vetch about 10 or 12 years ago, when Bellamy was still here?  Neil Adams missed his first penalty in about 20 attempts and broke his collar bone too.  Their fans made it abundantly clear they didn''t like us because we were English but it was nothing to the abuse they gave Bellars because he''s from Cardiff!  I found it quite intimidating but mainly because they were an unknown quantity, at least with the likes of Wolves and Millwall you know what you''re dealing with.   [/quote] I remember it well. http://www.scfc.co.uk/98/98norwh.htmlWhatever happened to Darren Eadie? He was the next big thing at one point then just disappeared..As for our fans, there were only about 3500 of us there that night. We''ve come a long way.
  4. No trouble at Swansea for years lads. Please dont confuse us with the thick coin throwing scum from down the M4 :). Theres usually plenty of mixing and good banter amongst home and away fans in a lot of the pubs. Theres always a huge police presence which is completely unjustified but its an excuse for SWP to hand out some nice overtime and send the bill to the club.
  5. Also we have a left footer on the right and a right footer on the left, its been very effective for us.
  6. We (Swansea) dont have rich owners at all. Just a group of local businessmen who are fans, and the supporters trust owns about 20%.We are doing as well as we are because they have kept the purse strings tight and havent yielded to big egos demanding too much money like Andy Robinson and Trundle. Roberto Martinez is the top young manager in the country and will take us to the premiership eventually. We are very lucky to have him.Hope you lot can sort yourselves out. Always had a soft spot. When I was a kid I liked the yellow and Jeremy Goss used to score some amazing goals if I remember rightly.
  7. Bodde is a defensive midfielder. You''re thinking of Gomez or Rangel.Reports from down our way reckon you tried to play football against us, which was probably your big mistake. The teams we struggle against are the big strong direct teams who make us pay at set pieces. Teams who try to pass it get snuffed out by our energetic midfield and as you say overloaded by our attacking full backs, particularly Rangel. Your boss should be commended for trying to play passing football. I dont think he got it tactically wrong, everything I''ve heard and read seem to indicate the game could have gone either way and was of a good standard.  We play a very unique style in this league and I think thats what is catching the opposition managers and teams out.
  8. Not sure if I can post links on here so sorry in advance if I cant.http://nigelblues.blogspot.com/2008/07/keith-harris-joins-cardiff-city-board.html
  9. He was involved with us and all he could find as a possible investor was Bo Eklands brother. Scumdiff fans seem to think he''s taking a hefty wage too.
  10. Strange this Keith Harris is involved with you, he''s recently joined the board as a director at Cardiff City.
  11. The commentators on Radio Wales said the same and said both sides were a credit to the championship for such an open and exciting game. Thats a rarity in itself as they bloody hate us on there.
  12. [quote user="lucky green trainers"],completely outpaced by jason scotland,,,mind you - [/quote] Outpaced by Scotland??? Surely not.
  13. [quote user="Potless Percy "]You have no idea how much of a mess we''re really in.    [/quote]You''re probably right.We were sold for one pound to a convicted fraudster though. Twice. You have a huge fanbase and good crowds, a strong supporters trust would enable you to have more of an influence on the club. Our trust has about 20% of the total shares of the club and as a result have a say in any potential investors/takeover bids as well as representation on the board.
  14. [quote user="Titanic"]Are you pissed already. Your having a laugh. [/quote] A little bit. Celebrating a good away win and the fact we are sitting outside the playoffs in the second tier of football. It wasnt always like that.I''ve seen my club lurch from crisis to crisis for the last quarter of a century. Two winding up orders narrowly avoided with minutes to spare, survival from relegation to the conference on the last day, crooked chairmen. We even appointed a manager who''s only previous experience in football was a short stint as a youth coach at non league Cradley Town.We have always been shit in my lifetime and liquidation or relegation was never far away. It was the hard work of the fans that saved it and dragged it up to where we are today. Dont know if you have a supporters trust but thats what saved us, along with a local business consortium that were season ticket holders. I''m not having a pop at you guys at all, you love your club and its horrible as a fan to see it in trouble, but staying away or increased levels of general apathy will probably hurt your club more long term.
  15. [quote user="Titanic"] Why don''t you pull your head out of your arse and see the situation NCFC are in. Exactly the picture you paint if something isn''t done now. [/quote]Trust me pal boycotting isnt the right option,Your big selling point to any potential investors would be the decent crowds you get for this league.If theres no money coming through the gates then you would be forced into selling your decent players and replacing them with inferior or youth players a la Southampton.It''s times like this that clubs need their support more than ever.
  16. Christ almighty what an over reaction. When you''re losing 4-0 at home to the likes of Kidderminster Harriers on a cold Tuesday night in front of 2000 fans with the buckets going round the terraces in a desperate attempt to keep the club afloat for another week then you''ve got it bad. You''re sitting 19th in the championship, Its November. You lot dont know what bad really is.
  17. [quote user="Canaries in Bed"] Look at Cardif and Burley, they seem to pick up some lower league players and do well out of them. [/quote] Cardiff have spent an effing fortune thats put them in to the tune of about £35 million in debt.
  18. [quote user="the artist formerly known as VIYAG"]Swansea....take a deep breath and let it sink in. The club cannot even beat Swansea at home anymore...bah who cares? [/quote] Couldnt even get a draw either. We are 10 points clear of you and unbeaten at home. What a difference a well run club makes.
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