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  1. Ankles


    Not sure where you are looking but tickets still available for those games

  2. Ankles

    Just over a Month

    We need to smash Wolves on our opening fixture, not just because it''s wolves (hate them & Ipswich etc) but I think they will be scrapping in the bottom 1/3 this season. If we want to be contenders we have to put the weaker sides to the sword, as we did in our last promotion campaign
  3. Ankles

    Canary Player

    Last time we were in the Championship you used to be able to watch the Championship matches via the popular betting sites, simply by opening an account and leaving £1 as your balance

    I''ve not bothered to look as yet if this is still the case but worth exploration I would suggest
  4. I''m pretty sure they have a deadline to return unsold quantities that could be re-sold by home club, i''m going to say 14days before date of fixture, so while Villa may be holding the option for now there could be more seats available
  5. This may alerady have been asked/answered, i scanned the thread and didn''t see it though

    While the seats have to be made available under Cup rules Villa do not have to take them all do they?  They must be interested in high gate receipts for the income they get for it, so while i can belive a North London Club will send a large away following to Norwich on a mid week i am not so sure about a Midlands one

    Has the club said to these ST holders they will get an option made available, say 48hr window, should Villa decline all the seats offered

  6. Ruling upheld so "foreign" systems can be used by pubs to show football (as well as golf, cricket, rugby etc)



    Given how busy the pubs that have these system have been on match days, home & away, i wonder if you might see a fall in attendances

    Usually when season tickets holders cannot go and use the buy back system the spare/floating tickets returned are snapped up very quickly. With casual fan prices where they are the thought of £5 spent in a pub could well appeal

    It may also temper the clubs future ticketing price policy
  7. I''d go same starting 11 myself, confidence and understandign between the players has been built. May as well use that and get at Man U, if we go too defensive in team selection and just sit back for wave after wave of attacks we will concede, no clean sheets this year underlines this

  8. Ankles

    Team for Saturday

    Bolton play mainly route 1 up to Kevin Davis so there is no point having both Croft & Bennet in front of the back 4 as we did verses W Brom (where their route 1 tactic also made it a redundant formation IMO)

    Is Vaughan going to be fit to play? If so i''d go with him & Morrison up front
  9. The casual ticket policy os often an indicator to intentions on season ticket prices for next year

    NCFC clearly think they can get this price for matches, assuming they do sell i''d fear substantial hikes in Season Ticket renewal costs if we retain premiership status
  10. Kenny Powers - You''re F''in out!!!

    Great user name & great show

    I can see Grant Holt becoming a regular on football show''s, not only is he a decent pro he has a dry wit that TV loves
  11. Ankles

    WBA Tickets Still On Sale?

    West Brom will sell out but Sunderland on Monday 26th won''t IMO
  12. Ankles

    Cody McDonald

    Will be interesting if he can step upto Championship levels, clearly knows where the goal is at the lower leagues.

    Wish him well but will soon forgot who he was, especially when we retain Premiership status
  13. I''d like to see one of the established/long term top flight teams go down, say Everton

  14. While winning breeds confidence and i do believe becomes habit forming, the side put out last night will never play as an 11 in the Premiership so i do not buy the argument that this loss dents the first 11''s confidence. Losing the game and being knocked out of the cup, especially now there are regular reserve matches to keep squad players fit does not really worry me either

    The nature of the defeat however, shocking all over the park, lack of desire and a crass inability to recognise lumping it up to Jackson endlessly was not going to bear fruit, is a worry.

    The only silver linning to this embarrassment is Lambert can using it as a grounding experience for the Club, the good times have been rolling for 2years and the occasional slap in the face to remind them not to take anyhing for granted should keep them honest

  15. Ankles

    Well Planned Norwich City.

    Harsh, but if you had an inkling it was a possibility why did you not call them for clarity?

    As you say you''d have had far more options weeks ago, you''re probably going to be offered the seats in the back of Upper Barclay normally held for players/friends/families