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  1. Not sure about 20% but I have used the following link for 10% off and it has made a difference. http://www.aviva.co.uk/sponsorship/ncfc/ncfc-discount.html/?source=ncfc&entry=139826
  2. [quote user="yoda"]Yes the team were Shite yesterday that''s a given but dear god our support is worse ! No backing for the players at any point and boos for both Whitaker and AN when he subbed Hooper it''s embarrassing.We may get 26,000 every week but i''d rather it was 16,000 getting behind the team,It''s easy to question if the players want premiership football but I sometimes wonder if our fans do either.[/quote] Yesterday without exaggeration was the worst I have felt leaving Carrow Road since that day in August 2009. But yesterday it wasn’t so much the abysmal performance of the team (we have after all become all too use to these kind of performances in recent years) but the utterly disgraceful ‘performance’ from the fans. We have a new manager, whether he is the right or wrong man is beside the point, he is OUR manager and will be for the foreseeable future. It is our job to support him and booing his decisions in only his second game is not going to help. Yes I agree the team feed us and it is up to them to perform, but there was negative energy in the ground yesterday before kick-off and it carried the whole way through. And as for Whitaker it really is no wonder he fluffed some major moments when 26 000 fans were doubting him from the very beginning. And it was funny how none of these saw any of the good things that he did yesterday. The team were barely even cheered back on for the second half – we are all in this together and all the money they are paid doesn’t feed their egos, our support does, so if we want the best out of our players we have to ‘love’ them, think of Grant Holt and how he feeds off the crowd. Every one of our players out there yesterday had a terrible day and should be ashamed of themselves so why victimise the one who is actually showing total commitment to the cause and playing out of position (probably knowing full well that he would receive stick) what annoys me even more though is that Whitaker shows commitment and gets caned for it yet a certain other midfielder not all that long again refused to celebrate when scoring for us, he was that desperate to jump ship yet he is still idolised. Yes the board has made one too many mistakes recently but let’s not target the management and players who after all we need to perform for us to get us back to the Premier League. If you really want to make your voices heard stop buying from the club shop. This club knows that it has the supporters gripped but if shop sales fall they will have to take notice. But lets show the players and management our support and maybe will can get the good times back
  3. In regards to Jonny Wilkinson I''m pretty sure that he mentions in his autobiography that he use to attend Carrow Road with his Grandad however, not sure if he is actually a Norwich fan
  4. Yes thankyou very much for providing the link, didnt get very much uni work done but oh well another great 3 points for city
  5. Not sure if they are Norwich fans or not however two of them at least played in a charity match earlier in the year on the same side as several ex norwich players
  6. Yes I did to and what was most frustrating was that having watched him command his area and play fairly well last week against Wigan, he completly lost it today. And as much as todays game was the worst I have ever seen from a city side I feel that at some point and maybe sooner rather than later he needs to be given another chance. The rest of the team need to shoulder some blame to
  7. Just went to have a look on our ceefax page(in the hope that something may have happened at Carrow Road!) typed in the usual 569 and it came up with Peterborough. So we have already been replaced and by localish rivals - painful!
  8. thanx guys Just to let you the Addvark isnt showing it but The Phoenix is  
  9. Hi Does anyone know of any pubs in Cov showing tonights match, gutted that I cant get home for it and just found out the local is showing the Newcastle match instead! Thanx  
  10. Yep I thought I had seen him come out behind the teams but wasn''t sure and didnt quite no where he went - intersting  
  11. I am so glad as I am one with shax on the back on my shirt. [:D] However it does seem a little strange how eager he is to return given that in the Wolves programme last week he said that it was not really a hard decision to leave Norwich in the summer. I do hope that he is given the chance to prove to us that we were wrong and that he is good enough and feel that him and Grounds ccould be worth a chance!  
  12. [quote user="shortfatb"]Cov Canary. Do you go to many games? I''m in Leamington and a season ticket holder. Can''t go Tuesday as it''s my wedding anniversary! [/quote] No unfortunatley havnt been to many home games this season altho still hav my season ticket and most of the midlands games have annoying coincided with holidays from uni so this will hav been the first I hav been 2. Altho hav been to normal Villa and Cov games!   N thanx 4 the advice delia''s well behaved!
  13. I no this should probably go on a new thread but dnt really no how to do that! Plannin to go to the game 2moz from Cov and wondered if any1 no''s what the walk is like from the train station to the ground? Thanx
  14. i will support Gunny totally However I hope that this doesnt end in tears - the man is a ledgend in the city and not jst amongst football fans and if it all goes wrong will this still be the case!!And how big of a risk is Crook takin brinigin his family all the way back over from Australia! Cmon Gunny
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