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  1. he chooses russell(midfielder) ahead of lupoli(striker) and sibby ahead of other norwich full signed players! i think that mr glenn rodent picks his favourite players ahead of the best team, or the best players more than the best team! any prem / champ / league 1/2 manager would put lupoli ahead of russell to play up front and would not play only 1 up front at a home match vs notts forest!!! at home it must be 2 up front, we must attack when we play at home for many reasons, they are because 1, the players are infront of their fans and SHOULD get a buzz from the 24k+ that turn up! secondly the pitch should be the correct size for how norwich play so why does he play 1 up front when he needs 2??!!!!!!??   If I was gaffer just for saturdays game --                             Marshall semi             omozusi        DOC          drury                               clingan croft                     hoolahan               bell                         lupoli         sibierski   Subs - nelson, lappin,russell , pattision, cort alhough if - cureton, renton, martin,were all here they woud feature ahead of loanees.
  2. so if we win the cup beating charlton -3rd   75k  + 1/2 gate man utd -4th   100k + 1/2 gate chelsea -5th   200k  + 1/2 gate arsenal  - 6th   400k  + 1/2 gate aston villa - semi  1M + 1/2 gate and in final beat anyone + 2M + 1/2 gate (wembley) we would be looking at about 5M for winning the cup (only if you get the best draws)
  3. http://www.thefa.com/TheFACup/TheFACup/NewsAndFeatures/Postings/2007/06/FACupPrizeFund   this is a link to show you how much clubs get paid for getting through each round. hope you like [:)]
  4. Friday, 2 January 2009 Tottenham v Wigan, R3, 20:00 2-1   Saturday, 3 January 2009 Arsenal v Plymouth, R3, 15:00 4-2 Birmingham v Wolverhampton, R3, 15:00 1-2 Cardiff v Reading, R3, 15:00 0-2 Charlton v Norwich, R3, 15:00 1-1 Chelsea v Southend, R3, 15:00 3-0 Cheltenham v Doncaster, R3, 15:00 1-3 Coventry v Kidderminster, R3, 15:00 3-0 Forest Green v Derby, R3, 15:00 1-4 Hartlepool v Stoke, R3, 13:00 1-2 Histon v Swansea, R3, 15:00 0-4 Hull v Newcastle, R3, 15:00 1-3 Ipswich v Chesterfield, R3, 15:00 4-0 Kettering v Eastwood Town, R3, 15:00 2-0 Leicester v Crystal Palace, R3, 15:00 1-1 Leyton Orient v Sheff Utd, R3, 15:00 1-3 Macclesfield v Everton, R3, 15:00 1-3 Man City v Nottm Forest, R3, 15:00 3-0 Middlesbrough v Barrow, R3, 15:00 6-0 Millwall v Crewe, R3, 15:00 0-1 Portsmouth v Bristol City, R3, 15:00 2-2 Preston v Liverpool, R3, 17:25 1-2 QPR v Burnley, R3, 15:00 2-3 Sheff Wed v Fulham, R3, 15:00 1-2 Sunderland v Bolton, R3, 15:00 2-2 Torquay v Blackpool, R3, 15:00 1-2 Watford v Scunthorpe, R3, 15:00 3-0 West Brom v Peterborough, R3, 15:00 3-1 West Ham v Barnsley, R3, 15:00 4-0   Sunday, 4 January 2009 Gillingham v Aston Villa, R3, 13:30 4-0 Southampton v Man Utd, R3, 16:00 0-3   Monday, 5 January 2009 Blyth Spartans v Blackburn, R3, 20:00 0-7
  5. glenn roeder = anne robinson! - search it!!   me well ive been told i look a bit like jim brennan
  6. A.....roeder out, out of FA cup B.....roeder in, in FA cup?
  8. simple game - pick your starting 11 and 5 subs [:)] with none of the loanees from others clubs avaliable but our kids out on loan are avaliable! MARSHALL SEMI - DOC - STEFANOVIC - DRURY CROFT - CLINGAN - SPILLANE - PATTISION RENTON - CURETON   SUBS NELSON SPILLANE RUSSELL LAPPIN MARTIN
  9. grant!! he has now had exp at WBA who play FOOTBALL!! bring back grant!!
  10. russell hates playing up front!! poor old lupoli on the bench     f**k o*f RODENT!!
  11. LITA - CURETON - RENTON - MARTIN ????????????????????????????????????????
  12. 1.Wins after xmas (inc comps) 2.New arrivals in jan 3.goals will our top scorer score 4.clean sheets will we keep finally 5.months until roeder goes(a few or loads??)
  13. ...       we beat the teams we play on (all realistic wins) december - palace jan - barnsley - saints - doncaster feb - bristol city - PNE - coventry march - QPR - Blackpool - cardiff - plymouth april - wednesday - swansea - watford - ippy may -charlton thats another 16 wins = 16 x 3 = 48 points + 26 = 74 in total! which in our champ winning season was worthy of playoffs!!
  14. so if you were a footballer and were never in squad u would still rather be on 8k ??   or play but be on 2k!!   i know which one i''d do!
  15. no player should be on more than £2,000 a week that still works out at £100,000 a year! chris martin is on £2000 a week and is only 20-21!!! this is ruining football and someone needs to sort things out. If norwich did this then we would only spend about £60,000 a week on wages for the players and this would only cost 3 million quid a year instead of the current £8.5+ million a year! that would give the manager around an extra 3 million ish in the market and we would be a more successful club and players would still come because there still earning more than enough money to live!
  16. polo-good alround but missing a little bit in the middle
  17. its £20 each fan (24,000) = £500,000 to buy him!   otherwise ill have matty fryatt[:)]
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