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  1. 3-1 Villa. Our defence is poor and our goalkeeper''s a liability. Saturday could be the start of the inevitable slippery slope down the league.
  2. We are certainly riding the crest of a wave in terms of optimism at the moment, but it''s also a wave made up of a lot of luck. We''ve had some very fortunate results, Liverpool being the most recent and most obvious. Once the luck runs out and the Premier League teams work out Lamberts fairly limited tactical ideas we will see an entirely different reaction from the fans. We need to actually win a game against a team in the top half of the league if we are going to have any chance of staying up. Frankly if we don''t win comfortably on Saturday then serious questions should be asked. Blackburn are by far the worst team in the league at the moment, they are truly hopeless. We should beat them by 4 or 5, but we''ll probably have to be happy with a draw.
  3. He can''t be any worse than Morison or Holt. Both of them are "triers", but neither of them have the class required for the Premier League unfortunately.
  4. Unfortunately I can''t really see anything other than a comprehensive defeat. I expect to see a Carroll hat-trick. Centre forwards like him, who are horribly out of form, must really look to playing against our defence. It''s the perfect chance to build the confidence and get a few goals. 4-0. 3-0 if we play above our usual level.
  5. Well evaded. I bet Sunderland are gutted he got them promoted. I''m sure they wish they had employed Grant or Roeder or Gunn.........they''d ne much better off right now wouldn''t they? Silly boy. 
  6. .....and who exactly has Keane spent £6 Million on then?   If you insist on commenting on your betters, please try and get your facts straight.   Otherwise you just end up looking a bit silly.
  7. Roeder is a football management genius. Probably the best in the business. He needs no help. Who could possibly improve him?
  8. Obviously we should win, we have superior players in every position. But Derby matches are always difficult to predict. Also we have struggled against the weaker teams in the league this season, so..... ....1-1. 
  9. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="TheHorseman"] True. There''s a long way to go. We''ll be in the play offs and you''ll be in the relegation zone by then. [/quote] so you are just as good if not better than Reading, Birmingham, Derby, Wolves and Sheff Yoo? got to love a comedian! At least we know we are shyte and dont suffer delusions of grandeur! jas :) [/quote]   Well, of those only Wolves have beaten us this year. We easily beat Reading and we are playing Birmingham and Sheff Utd soon. Derby are about 5 places below us. So yeah, it''s all looking good. Thanks for pointing it out !!
  10. True. There''s a long way to go. We''ll be in the play offs and you''ll be in the relegation zone by then.
  11. We''re two points off fourth. Second on current form. Improving our squad all the time. Mid table eh ?
  12. I''m glad you agree we are doing well. So many of your ilk won''t admit it. Cheers.
  13. I don''t live in Ipswich, I live on the "North Suffolk Heritage Coast". I agree, Ipswich is a shithole. But the football teams doing OK at the moment.
  14. Yeah.....you''re right Jas. I truly wish we were in your position.
  15. I''m always amazed that a player who you lot consider to be such a legend only managed about 180 league games for you. Guess it just goes to show how easy it is to become a budgie legend. Our clubs have very different expectation levels.
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