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  1. look we shouldn''t reduce this thread to below the belt racist remarks. ''jackarmy12'' is clearly feeling rather sheepish after todays result..... sorry that was ''baaaaaad''
  2. I''d get the lads 2 Norwich shirts for Christmas.... Just get ''daddy'' and the number 1 printed on the back. Sure their old man won''t mind!
  3. Unfortunately my ticket for the bristol game on sat still hasn''t arrived through the post, even more unfortunately I''m now not able to go to the game. Have called ticket office regarding returning but I''m waiting for a supervisor to call back.Just wondered if anyone else had experienced tickets not arriving/ trying to return a ticket in this situation? As I''m not based in Norwich I would now be unable to get the ticket back to the office in time for a return - even if it does arrive
  4. Was in the tott for the southampton game. Was the first and definately the last time I will be watching a game in there. Unfortunately there is absolutely no atmosphere in there, you could actually here a pin drop! Nice viewing level but a very strange live football experience being behind the glass & with no sound.I did say at the time though It may be well suited to families/ old people so if your taking the family it may be ok
  5. reguarly reed the forum but never felt the need to post. living in cheltenham i rarely get the chance to watch us playing. watching the game on tv tonight left a real sour taste.after such a bright start the injuries certainly crippled us........... mcveigh made a shocking contributiion after coming on..... i genuenly feel we need much stronger midfield players (particuarly on the wings) to reach our full potentiali feel martins contribution was actually one of the best we had, lets hope he can build from it!
  6. hey there, not too far away from you, currently residing in cheltenham but planning on moving to bristol in the not too distant future. Defo going to get down to bristol rovers away! lets hope weve hit form by then!
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