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  1. I spent most of last nights game giving the linesman some stick, he made himself an easy target when we were attacking and a Forest player was closely running along side trying to get the ball, all we could hear was the Linesman shouting "Behave, behave, behave".
  2. [quote user="zemas tendon"]All fans who are thinking of going to Youth Cup second leg, please stay away and watch it on the telly, the young kids will be fazed by a large crowd, if you couldnt be bothered to go to previous ties, please Do Not Go!!! [/quote]I''ve been to their other ties at Carrow Road Zema, have you?
  3. The Snakepit and Barclay were behind the team from the off on Saturday but they turned when pass after pass from Howson went straight to a Swansea player or put one of our players under unnecessary pressure the same as he has been doing for Months and Hoolahan wasn''t much better. I honestly don''t see what Fox needs to do to get a start ahead of Howson.I always have and always will support the team vocally but when things are obviously going wrong and nothing is being done to change that CH will get criticism/abuse.
  4. I think he is frustrating the crowd more than losing them, no shots on target at Wigan and then puts out the same outfield team against Wigan, Howsen and Hoolahan not able to pass to another Norwich player whilst the more creative Fox sits on the bench doesn''t help his cause. IMO the outfield players that finished the game are the ones that should have started yesterday, if Tettey wasn''t fit enough to play the full 90 Fox should have started in his place, if Holt is out of favour Becchio should have partnered Kamara. When we went 1-0 down the fans had the right to chant for him to sort it out, I don''t agree with a minority that were calling for him to be sacked though.
  5. I have missed 1 home game this season and that was the Liverpool game, it was my Autistic sons 13th Birthday and I had promised him a birthday party.
  6. [quote user="Vanwink"]It''s not that we''re letting ourselves slip henrik it''s that there are too many complacent old fools who seem to think that everything will be fine and that we are safe That attitude is what will lead us to the Championship. We need a huge atmosphere on Saturday, a crowd inspired by the realisation that we need to get our team across the line, the complacent codgers need to get up off their back sides and sing their hearts out rather than living in a fantasy world of denial. Every game at home now must be treated as a cup final and we must cheer till the final whistle, whatever happens![/quote]Am I a complacent old fool? I''m 50 years old and I''m not worried in the slightest about us getting relegated this season as it won''t happen.I''m always cheering and "singing my heart out" in the snakepit, as I was in League 1, in the Championship and at Wigan on Saturday, we''re you?
  7. [quote user="supercol"] Live in Blackpool so I will be there !   [/quote]I lived there for 12 years, been back in Norfolk for the last 3 years.
  8. I''m in Blackpool from Friday for the weekend so a nice short journey over to Wigan on Saturday then a 40th Birthday Party that night.
  9. [IMG]http://i530.photobucket.com/albums/dd347/barclayendchoir/TWTD.gif[/IMG]
  10. We won''t get anything at Wigan next weekend, we don''t play them until the 30th.
  11. [quote user="singupcarrowroad"]Something has to be done about the atmosphere at Carrow Road, and a few hundred people standing with a drum and a few flags would be a good start.[/quote]I was with you on your opening post but you had to spoil it with this post, I take it you have never been anyway near an idiot with a drum at a football match.
  12. I''ve said all along that when we have Howson, Snodgrass & Johnson in the side we don''t look creative, individually they are all good players but for some reason they don''t seem to click playing together.
  13. Whenever I''m watching Norwich I develop tourettes, it''s worth it though. [;)]
  14. It is Everton away, date and venue to be announced.
  15. I stayed to the end, good performance by the lads, had a bit of banter with a steward about one of their coaching staff standing in the Jarrold :-)
  16. [quote user="Bws cat the third"]Harry and baldyboy to charge into this thread flags flying high and proud in 3, 2, 1....[/quote]I just love getting mentioned on here by annoying twonks who know f all about me.
  17. Oh yes please let us have a drum, it will give the clappers something else to clap to.
  18. There is no difference in chanting that Bale looks like a chimp and Suarez looking like a rat but no one wet their knickers over that one.
  19. I don''t think any of us are "Happy" with a point but the more level headed amongst us are happier with a point than with no points.
  20. If all the fans who said they weren''t going to renew if CH stays there will be plenty of tickets available.we can do without "fans" like them so good riddance, I will watch Norwich in whatever league we are in and whoever is Manager.
  21. Not only was I impressed with his speed I was impressed with the amount of power that he got into his header that landed on top of the net.
  22. [quote user="Bert sneakers"]Listening to some people(not just this thread) going to matches alone isn''t enough because if you don''t own a season ticket you are A CASUAL and lower on the food chain. Total crap. I''m sure a lot of people who go on this forum are season ticket holders but take every Opertunity to slate the club, the players, manager and the board. Some of the most loyal supporters would love to go to CR regularly but can''t but seems some of the ones who turn up every other week take it for granted. Season ticket snobbery is a joke and to say a supporter isn''t worthy just because he isn''t sitting in HIS seat moaning every home game is sad. I''d like to go to more games than I do although I''ve been to many more than super but does that mean I''m a better supporter than him but not as good as somebody who goes every home game and perminatly slate every aspect of the club? I went to more games when we was in the lower divisions and watched some total rubbish but still enjoyed the ups and downs. If you are a true fan of NCFC you deserve the same respect as the next fan season ticket or occasional . We should all stand together and stop the snobbery click OTBC[/quote]All stand together? The Stewards won''t like that.In all seriousness I don''t see any fan as better than any other, I''ve supported Norwich since the late 60''s and the way I''ve supported them has varied at different times. When I first started going it was whenever my Dad could take me (because of my age and distance I lived from the ground), in the mid 70''s when I was a bit older I used to go to every home game and the occasional away game with a couple of mates, by the mid 80''s I was watching Norwich home and away missing very few games in either league or cup. During the 90''s due to work it was back to the same as the mid 70''s getting to home games but only the occasional away game. Work then took me to the North West and it was difficult to get Saturdays off work so the amount of games I got to see dropped right down with the majority of games I could get to being away games. This went on for 12 years until we were in League 1 and I found out in the September I was being made redundant in the November, I found every excuse I could to get time off to see games, I managed 10 away games that season and with my redundancy money in my pocket I called into the ticket office to purchase a season ticket for the remainder of the season on my way back to living in Norfolk.Three years on I go to all the home games and get to as many youth and reserve games that I can get to but due to money restrictions as I no longer work due to me looking after my partner as her health has declined so much she is confined to a wheelchair I don''t get to many away games, I haven''t managed one yet this season but will be at Wigan away on Easter Saturday as we have a party to attend in Blackpool that evening.As I said the way I''ve supported Norwich has varied over the years so who am I to judge anyone else.
  23. We all have our own opinions on people/refs, it seems this time I''m on my own.It''s good to be different.
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