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  1. The reason Ipswich gets much more coverage than Norwich is because most of the presenters live in Suffolk !!!!
  2. CHARMING!!!! what a horrid man you are shame on you, we have as much right as you to follow football and our team, I bet City Angel will have something say you mcp.....[:#]
  3. Sounds as if we are giving Crystal Palace a good game tonight. They are certainly playing for each other this is a good test for them. Keep it up Norwich feeling very optimistic for this season.
  4. Looks like we have let Marshall go for a loss, supposedly £400.000 from Cardiff, thats brilliant, good bit of business for NCFC!!!!
  5. Marshall gone to Cardiff for £400.000 supposedly, thats a brilliant bit of business, lost £600.000. on him, good old norwich
  6. What players will be knocking on the Managers door on Tuesday, who will go.  I expect we will be relying on Cureton again, he will probably due well in this division. What a great shame it came to this.
  7. Norwich must come out of the traps on Monday evening and play for the full 90 minutes. Lets hope the players are up for it. Bryan needs to play Alan Lee, Cody Mac up front from the start. Come on you yellows, you can do it.
  8. Bryan does it again, should have played the two Alans up front, Russell needed to go off at half time and play Cody as well, personally I think we have had it now, what a shame. Delia is very quiet these days.
  9. Bryan made a very big mistake today not playing Alan Lee from the off, the ref again diabolical with his decisions, how many games have we had a crap ref this season, must be at least 10 games in all.   Must win against Swansea perhaps we are better away from Carrow Road now, I hope so.
  10. Just seen the score from Oakwell, whoops puts pressure on us to get something at Birmingham on Saturday, I predict 2-1 to Norwich Cody scoring a last minute goal.
  12. Just a little message for Bryan, please keep the same team that won so brilliantly against Cardiff, they deserve to be picked again.
  13. What the hell happened to Carney and Pattinson today they weren''t even on the bench, are they injured? I''m afraid I despair at the moment, why put Daley on again with 15 minutes to go, he should have come on for the whole of the second half, please Bryan have a good sort out before QPR.
  14. I hope Brian Gunn plays Carney tomorrow, I listened to the Wolves match and he was my man of the match, he hasn''t played since. Please don''t play Killen, Cort and Daley would be my pick, with Cody on for the last 20 minutes.
  15. I cannot understand why Gunny is not picking Carney he was brilliant against  Wolves,   I hope Killen doesn''t play again he is useless.
  16. Cannot see how we will win today without any recognised strikers in the squad, God help us, WE ARE GOING FROM BAD TO WORSE, we would be better playing Gary Doherty up front today.
  17. Here we go again another 2 points down the swanee, oops didn''t mean that, hope we beat them next weekend.   God help us Christmas is coming!!!! I don''t know what the answer is , the team seem to be scared of Roeder he is definately not getting the best out of them.
  18. Glen does not seem to know what to do with the team, are the players playing for him, a case of  Spurs again perhaps we need a Redknapp!!!
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