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  1. I would love to be a fly on the wall at Carrow Road and see what really happens. I''m pretty shocked but not suprised about the decision to sack Gunny but they should of done it at the end of last season, Idiots!! I think that Carrow Road is stuck weeks in the past where every decision made seems to be at the wrong time as always. Maybe Delia needs a new AGA. I know someone who has just moved into a former managers old house. When I visited I had to laugh as there was a Key with a tag that said "Delias House" When I asked what it meant and what it was for I got the reply.."Well the former occupier named the OLD BOILER HOUSE after her" Pretty piontless post I know but I thought this bit of fact could be used in a Pub Quiz question or something. Hey its Friday!!! I''m on the beers and a weekend of Football is upon us!  
  2. I do, in some parts, agree with ForeverYellows original post. I think the gesture at the end was towards the booing fans, he seemed a bit miffed at the response. Being a former Goalkeeper myself I do find myself studying him when he is at the Barclay End (please note....not in a sexual way!!) When I was training I was always told that the 18yard box was mine and I was to control it, the back four were under my control, to shout at the top of my lungs and make it clear what I wanted doing and my intensions, to "Gee Up" the players, make myself big and make sure any cross that comes into that 6 yard box got to my hands!!! If I didn''t comply with what I was taught I would get a bollocking!!!!! I would of thought Gunny would be able to pick up on Marshalls weakness (which seems to be all the major points of Goalkeeping!!) The guy is silent, slouches back onto the pitch as if he has been smoking weed at half time, is not confident on crosses or kicking, does not command his area, waves his arms around at nothing, is too slow,spends alot of time spitting on his gloves and doesn''t give any bit of encouragement..........................................................What does he actually do well????? Apart from be a good shot stopper when he wants. That alone does not make a good goalkeeper. Get rid of him or give him some proper training!!! Thankyou
  3. I think the board were trying the Israel v Gaza tactic of hiding in amongst the kids to escape a bombardment of abuse. I wasn''t suprised to see such a poor turn out to say the least..
  4. I must of tripped on saturday and bumped my head before I went and spent £15 on a seat I have already paid for! Before the trip I was telling myself I''m not going to waste my time on tuesday night (nor money) After spending some more wonga on a pie before the game I proceded to my expensive plastic chair to watch a pile of crap in amongst a load of kids who couldn''t care a less if they were there or not. Getting annoyed and swearing under my breath (because of the kids) I went into the bar 20 mins into the first half. On the wall (upper barclay) there was a collage of photo snippets celebrating NCFC''c glorious MILK CUP run in 85''!!! It was fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Then I went for a Pee and farted at the same time, I had a little chuckle to myself as nobody was around :-) Them two simple little things made my £15 seem all worth it again! Until I went back to my seat :-(  
  5. Ha ha!!! Brilliant! Either that or they were a bit hasty to go to assist as they were unaware that he has only just fell over after another failed attempt to win the ball Please don''t come back Sibs  
  6. ...........................I was a bit drunk when I agreed to go with my fellow season ticket holder!! Doh! I see that the club are trying to curb the disgruntled fans by throwing in loads of kids for a quid!!  Sneaky.. Its more like Isreal v The Gaza now
  7. True....................... But why do all shite managers love a relegation battle? Obviously to gain instant celeb status if they pull it off. Would love managers to say......... ''I love a good top of the table battle!'' ''Its close in the middle of the table but my players have the passion to pull us up there!'' ''Bring on the second half of the season, we are gonna be fighting with style,  HAVE SO MUCH BELIEF IN WHAT MY PLAYERS CAN DO!'' I''m getting board of these so called Great Relegation Battles, there is nothing great about them unless Ispwich are involved of course        
  8. Roeder is already in Ga Ga land thinking he is God! So why the hell not???
  9. What is Roeder on about now?? If it wasn''t for his contibutions we would''nt be in need of a ''Good relegation Battle''!! Best you F**k off and find some other team to drag to lowly depths just so you can have yourself a good fight. I think you will find yourself alone (again) on that one. Smart!
  10. Apart from the appalling David Pleat and the useless ITV coverage i''m enjoying the Gillingham v Villa game. Gillingham are proving their worth. How I wish.......................
  11. Sack! Its the most painful, a bit like corporal punishment (its true as I have done it for charity). He has got to go!  
  12. I''m with you on that one Rich. What the bloody hell was he on about?? "Give Roeder a chance?" How much more of a bloody chance does he need? I think it was Roeders secret Norfolk cousin on the phone.
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