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  1. is there anyone at the club ''earning'' their outrageously high salary???  playing staff included?  I think the answer lies in the league table and its a resounding no. 
  2. INteresting that again Kennedy has a ''momentary'' lapse in allowing Mellor too much space that along with Russell immaturity cost us two points.   Kennedy has lost his players too many times,  costly mistakes that have left us to the bottom o fthe table.   Unless he can cut those errors out I struggle to see why we would buy him? 
  3. and 1-0 home win.  More than a goal scored a game from a roeder team is a freak...
  4. For me it has to be Marshall Omo   Doc  Stefan Drury Croft   Bell   Clingan  Hoolahan          Lita      Lupoli Subs Nelson Ots Russell, Koroma Cureton
  5. Part of the reason is to ensure we have a large enough squad to cope with injuries;  our squad was far too small last season. However yest bench was woefully inadequate.  You need a defender and either 2 midfield and a striker or 2 strikers and a midfielder to anable you to change the game.  The one on there yest were never going to do that. 2 from Hoola, lupoli, OJ should have been on there.  Pattison and betrand were a waste.
  6. Adams thought kennedy - most fans at the game say Doc,  reports says drury. First goal looks like a good pass inside the full back - no probs with that,  not necessarily bad defender but poor coverage by kennedy and kennedy also to blame for the second goal. Dejan Doc is the best central combination - kennedy gets found out every game - and in too many it costs us a goal.  Because he plays like malky does not mean he is as good.  Too many mistakes when doc would have been slaughtered last season for half of them.
  7. Agreed on Fozzy.   And we were never going to offer any penetration yest.  As usual Crofty worked hard but offered nothing and we got absolutley nothing from  the middle of the park.  Bell seems to have done well but tired in the second half. Russell looks v poor at the moment - even in central midfield.  His committment never used to be in doubt but he now seems a shadow of his old self - irrespective of where he plays.  Maybe its the captains curse and the lack of leadership still in this squad but he would be dropped for me too - trouble is we have few alternatives with both Rusty and Fozzy so poorly out of form... Bell     CLingan   Pattison  Hoolahan or Croft   Clingan   Bell   Hoolahan Seem to be the options...
  8. The squad is good enough - we more than held our own against the league leaders.   For me the problem is two fold Roeder is a stubborn mule who wants things his way or no way - to the detriment of the team,  as seen by yesterdays selection which had little flair or creativity with our 2nd top scorer not on the bench along with our most influential if inconsistent playmaker in Hoolahan. Secondly the whole squad - loanees or otherwise - are not motivated by the manager which is evident from the derby/burnley games compared to the wolves one.  Passion and committment in one out of three of those game only tells me that costa del colney remains alive and kicking and that these players are all far too big for their boots. 
  9. Isnt camul really say that if everyone is out as this board wants do we have a club left? As Jacklin said - the harder I practice the luckier I get.   We are paying for poor mangerial selections...
  10. Roeder is part of the problem.   It is his and solely his job to put the squad together to create a system of work/style of play, that ensures more wins than defeats, and to motivate the team. Has he built a squad that could get promoted?   On the basis of the excellent - yes excellent - performances against Brum and Wolves we do have that squad - even up front where we have better choice than last year but we are not utilising them well.   This is his squad and we are being outperformed by teams with smaller budgets week in week out. Do we have a clear style of play?  No - we started out playing excellent football and not scoring or winning.  We have moved to a longer ball game with similar results.  We have no idea how to create a chance at the moment and the attacking line up was designed to fail - as I predicted yest.  No team can defend its way to victory esp when that team has no creativity on the park or the bench.  In bell and russell we have 2 players out of position. Can he motivate the team?  Clearly not for me;  constant team changes (dropping perfroming players such as doc over preferred ones - leaving out the two most consistently creative players in lupoli and hoolahan and wondering why their confidence is shattered,  ditto strikers when he would prefer to play a midfielder up top despite demotivating that player at the same time. He takes the responsibility for our league position - completley. As for loanees being the problem - yesterday was by all accounts the most gutless performance of the season.  Yet we only started with 3 loanees and a fourth on the bench who did not make it on to the pitch.  We perform worst each time we have started with just 3 loanees (the lowest number used) - but thats irrelevant - its the shape, tactics and personnel put out that is key - and yesterdays team was picked for failure.   
  11. And where are the attacking options when we go a goal down??? 2 full backs and a battling but uncreative midfielder wont win us a game or a point if it goes wrong...   Doc up front with Omo in the middle and semmy right back?  Coz I cant see curo coming on for russell (if so why is he not starting there) nor Lita.   
  12. Groan.  Unfair on Russell,  strikers and the fans.  Such a kick in the teeth. No wes again - so bell on the wrong foot too,  and kennedy and doc in the middle does not feel great either - too similar and we all know doc cant do the left side of defence very well,  despite how well he plays the other side. With fozzy the crabman in the middle its not looking good;  so a 1-0 away win then!!! 
  13. God no;   martin is not setting the world alight in league 2 where he should be and while Spillane is doing better is he better than doc, stef or evem kennedy?  def not.
  14. Agreed - Betrands confidence has been shot after his ludicrous stint in midfield - started the season as he finished last season,  looking a top class player;  but does not have the same verve now - drury is a good choice. Omo is far far better defensively and showed against wolves that he can get forward as well as semmy (superb shot,  several good runs and better crossing than semmy).  However he does need to be more consistent - but dont they all.  
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