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  1. Heard from a mate of mine that apparently Gunn is going to be unveiled as our new manager tommorow, with Ian Crook as his first team coach and John Deehan as his chief scout, has anyone else heard that?
  2. Can''t beleive no-one has ever heard of Alex Ross, he used to be coach at Oxford United and has been linked with coaching roles at Arsenal and Chelsea, he would be great!
  3. You have never heard of Alex Ross, he is an up and coming manager who is not connected to any job at the present time, but I think he would be perfect for the Norwich job!
  4. Why has no-one mentioned up and coming manager Alex Ross on the board, he would be an ideal manager.
  5. You know what, i''m going to put a cheeky punt on Roeder being out next manager, I bet Delia and co will struggle to find someone and bring Roeder back, I bet you would get odds of 50''000/1 on Roeder returning
  6. Wonder what Kenton is up to nowadays, come on Norwich sign him up now!
  7. That was hilarious!!! He is arrogant enough to think he is fire proof, somehow after releasing a statement like that this morning I don''t think he saw that one coming!!! Can just imagine him in the board room stammering and trying to explain himself then just going eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh, scampering into the corner and knawing on the chipboard. Roeders famous second season curse seemed to strike and we were only ever going to go one way this season, he said he could pull us out of it but I doubt it would have been possible.
  8. What a manager Roeder Glenn would be, he would be the complete oppisitie of his brother Glenn Roeder, his name is the other way round, he could bring in Clark Lee as his assistant!
  9. What would you do if in a couple of days time there was another press conference at Carrow Road, Munby, Delia and Doomcaster shuffled into the room, sat down and made the announcment that Glenn Roeder replacement was his younger brother Roeder Glenn?
  10. Just walked past Carrow Road and say Doomcaster running the other way, must be something to do with the Lita deal I think!
  11. Thame Rocks! Lets have a Norwich City fan getogether in there!
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