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  1. If I want to leave on 75 mins i shall bloody well do so...im going to leave on 54 mins on sat just to particuarley annoy you sir!
  2. [quote user="we8wba"] promotion tour bus was very much parked at molineux with our home form i believe as to midtable we''re 4th at worst this season, every team have bad games. i watched reading this season and thought (f in hell they class) then pne played them last week and said they were pish poor. lets hope all our mistakes have come in the one game! [/quote] Your a bloody annoying bloke.
  3. Is rather poor wouldnt you agree....   Need Keith Briggs back im thinking...   And as for that Lopilio... didnt do anything in those ten mins when he came on.... gotta be looking to grab 2 in that time....   Replace him with whats his name.... hmmmm.....Mark Leebrer think his name was.... a fine player.
  4. No He''s Coming here. Carl Moore funding deal with his sons paper round money. Watch this space.....
  5. Oiiii doiiiiiive a Maaaaaarrriiissss Moiiiiiiinnnerrr Oiiiii dooo
  6. [quote user="Arturo Lupoli"] IT WAS EVIDENT IN YESTERDAYS GAME HE WAS PASSIONATE AND WANTED TO PLAY FOR THE CLUB! HE WANTS TO STAY!   [/quote] Stopped reading when saw CAPPS. Blithering idiot.
  7. [quote user="pickle"] dont have a go at me and im not making this up however im not sure if it is true im just letting you know.     I HAVE HEARD quite a few times now that peter cullum is planning a takeover of norwich in mid january around the 13th to be exact. After this, some board members will leave including neil doncaster. Cullum will bring a few of his own staff however delia and michael will stay on as directors or something still high up in the ranks at the club.   After this Cullum will put in his original fee of 20million into the transfet budget however he will not keep replacing that year on year.     he will also give more money to pay the wages of all the players plus some extra cash to fund the wages of any new players coming in, but like was said before he will not be giving an obscene amount.       NOW THIS IS WHAT IVE BEEN TOLD BY QUITE A FEW PEOPLE WHO KNOW PEOPLE AT THE CLUB, AND ALL STORIES MATCH UP HOWEVER THIS IS NOT A RELIABLE SOURCE SO WE''LL JUST HAVE TO SIT TIGHT AND WAIT [/quote] OOOOhhhh just shhhh will you.
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