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  1. When a player scores, every camera in the ground is focused on them. If the player doesn''t have his shirt on, then the sponser on the shirt is not on camera. Its because football has become more about money and marketing than actually having fun and playing football. The sponsers want to be on television when the player is celebrating. Any time the player doesnt have a shirt on, they are not being advertised, and they dont like losing that major bit of advertising when the camera is zoomed in on the player.
  2. This probably settles down any rumours that huckerby is off to canada or america or whatever.He was in the jaguar garage yestarday looking at the new jag XF so unlikely he''ll be leaving the country if he''s  looking at buying a new car.Still dont think he''ll stay with norwich though.Cant see him going to another english club though, so it suggests to me he''s retiring. Think thats what we all expected though anyway, so not very interesting news.
  3. This is notr a direct reply to anyone in particular, just a take on the turner situation. What you have to bear in mind, is that these people ultimatly are businessmen/women. They didnt get the money they''ve got by throwing it at a lost cause. They''ve helped us out at a time in need through a low interest loan. No sensible business person would have thrown money at the club this season. It would have been silly. If roeder can really show that he can keep us up (its still VERY early days yet), then im confident they will inject more cash. They may well be worth 300 million, but theyre business is loans and mortgages, so they dont have 300 million available cash to spend. The majority of this is tied up already in loans, mortgages and assets. Theres a lot of difference between a person ''worth'' 300 million and a person with 300 million in the bank. Now dont get me wrong, i firmly believe that our board is very quiet about how much availble money we REALLY have, and im sure they try and make out our financial position is far more dire than it really is. They dont want to gamble so they make out that we''re struggling financially. Our gate receipts alone should mean we have more available income than most other clubs. I just think that the board likes to show theyre backing the manager to the absolute maximum, but i dont think thats really happened yet. I''m sure roeder will get at least 4 million to spend in january, and if he really proves he can do something he will get a lot more next season. The board learnt theyre lessson i think with worthington and theyre prudence with ambition thing. Now the turners are involved, i wouldn''t be suprised if there was suddenly a lot of money spent in the next 5 years provided roeder performs. The premiership is worth so much money now, that they will be happy to invest as long as they felt a good chance of a return. Its all down to economics these days not football. You invest if you can make from it, not for the sake of it.
  4. then dont go up the a47 then. simple.hit the A11 and then the A14 and it takes around 2 hours. i used to live there so i drove to norwich before every home game, then drove back again after.wasn''t hard at all. was worth it to keep watching ncfc.
  5. safri may not be a player who really shines on the pitch, but thats not allways important. The effect he has on the team is more how he affects the other players. When we dont have safri on the pitch it REALLY shows. While safri doesn''t singly do much, he makes the midfield actually work. He rarely makes mistakes, and is a good steady player. He''s one of the few players that can do a decent long ball, and the other midfield players are so much better when he''s on the pitch than when he''s not. So based on that i''d allways have him at least in the squad. If he''s still here next season watch the difference in the performance of the midfield when he''s on the pitch.
  6. he''s contracted till June 2008, so he''ll either be sold or given a new contract in the next few months.
  7. that £10000 a week is more like £500 to £1000 a week i think you''ll find.No manager is stupid enough to give a teenager that kind of money. Look at jermain pennant as an example of what that much money does to kids. Its taken him a long while to get back on track again. Plus its insulting to other teammates to give a kid who''s played a dozen games a 10 grand a week deal.This aint the premiership, theres a world of difference. Most of our players are on less than £6000 a week. just a couple of them are on more than £10000
  8. what you have to remember, is that when martin ''burst'' onto the scene, he was unknown to other teams. Probably 95% of norwich fans had never heard of him when he had his first game on the bench. When a player comes through and start banging goals in every game, then other teams watch them play a lot more and they learn theyre game, and mark them much more.When he first appeared he was a nobody and was unknown and unmarked. now everyone knows hes quality, so they mark him and study his game. Martins now got to get used to being marked out of games, in the same way huckerby has had to.
  9. all of you hand in your season tickets please. We''re all part of the same team, and if parts of it arent performing as well as they could, then as a team we try and fix them, we dont just give up.what if everyone gave up theyre season tickets? the club would go bankrupt. What a bloody brilliant idea. idiots.if the board just gave up on the team id be disgusted. if any player on the team decided he''d had enough, then i''d be disgusted. The same applies to any fan. Giving up untill we''re winning again is disgracefull. The club dont need you, i dont want you, and someone better can take over from you. I''ve been watching norwich now for 17 years, and i''ll be buried with my season ticket whether we''re in the premiership or the anglian combination. Because, the board will change, the players will change, the management will change, and at times they will all underperform. But i dont support the board, i dont support the players and i dont support the management, i support norwich city football club. Different people will come and go, but the club will allways be norwich city football club, and i''m part of that. If i want any element of the club changed i will do my best to help that happen. But i wont throw a tantrum and give up on something i love because i dont like one aspect of the club. Maybe your just discovering that football doesn''t mean as much to you as you thought? A champions league club may be more suitable for you. Smaller clubs like norwich unfortunatly will at times struggle in many areas. I think a big club funded by a billionaire would be more suitable. Much less for you to worry about so you can just concentrate on the winning and forget about what being a football supporter really is. And thats being part of a community through thick and thin.
  10. worthy out: i think you just need to look at the situation a bit more carefully. IMO very vew people have changed theyre minds. Dont you think that maybe its a case of, when we do bad the worthy outers are much more vocal because they have current evidence to back theyre claims, and when we do well we have the ktf brigade being more vocal, because theyre the ones with the recent evidence to support theyre claims. Its just how forums work. Most people keep quiet untill theyre points are easier to argue.
  11. give a penalty for taking down the last man standing when he''s heading for goal, not sending off the offending player.
  12. mckenzie cant play in any league or cup games against norwich this season. So whatever competition we play coventry in, he cannot play untill next season. We wont see mckenzie at carrow road for a while. He wont be getting a good reception when he does return though.
  13. i''m sorry, but you, your little mole (who i imagine is about as existant as roadkill) and everyone else who believes this, really needs some perspective and some knowledge. Martin hunter has been bought in under worthington with a view to replacement should this season go tits up. Else we''re going with the current management till the board sees necessary. We lost out on mcleod, due to the player being priced out of the market (much like we did with mckenzie, but coventry were stupid enough to pay it). Halford, and eastwood, as you should know we''re way overpriced, and a few clubs turned theyre nose up... after seeing this its hardly a coincidence that worthy didn''t bother and follow up with these players. Worthy is on a tightrope at the moment, and he''s scared of signing players because he''s trying to prove himself as a manager, and because of the actions and opinions of a lot of fans, he needs to make about 10 good signings to counteract every average signing... and then hunter will get the credit for the good signings and worthington will get the blame for the bad signing. At the moment, worthy cant do anything right in most fans book, so he''s not going to panic buy and bring in a bunch of average players (even though its what we need, as the squad is so small that we just need numbers to cope with injuries). Worthy is going to get less stick if he signs no one, than if he just signs some cheap squad players so we can cope with injuries. Worthington wasn''t given a ''budget'' so to speak. He was simply told that money is available to a point if he thought a player was really right for the club. The board don''t want to and cant waste money. we''re not chelsea, and we dont want to be leeds/ipswich. All worthington can do is pick targets and ask the board if they can make the funds available. On this occasion worthington decided on the targets and some we''re overpriced, and some we''re signed by other clubs. We got unlucky, but i guarantee there will be at least 3 million available to spend in january probably closer to 5 million (and thats a fact), and players will be being scouted from now untill then (Alan wood has been at bolton today looking into loan players). Just bear in mind that we''re playing well at the moment so as long as we dont get too many major injuries we have a good chance of being in the top 2 in january. People are too eager to shout down the manager and the board recently. we''ve bought in a brilliant new coach (and anyone whos been to colney for training will know what i mean), and we''ve bought in crofty who will make as big an impact as huckerby did when he first arrived! This season, everything is coming together nicely. People should ignore all preconceptions about worthington, and ingore expectations of the club. Provided we dont get too many injuries, we''ve got a very good chance of promotion this season. Look at the club as a whole, not just look at the manager, and instead of shouting rubbish, come and watch training, come and watch the reserves, and see for yourself how the team are performing from the ground up... not just from carrow road/pinkun.    
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