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    Calender girls

    Be honest Tumbleweed, you''ve been on the ''falling down water'' again, have''nt you, hic...
  2. I agree with most of Haydens thoughts, however lay off the big man!. Ewan should be offered a permanent coaching role at the club, think what he could teach the youngsters. But getting back to Huckerby, this board now has a chance to show supporters that they have the ambition to go towards the Premiership, if they don''t, then we''ll know who to blame in January. The money MUST be found, City have a good Divison 1 team, with Huckerby and Harper, the skys the limit. Of course they could both get injured, thats a risk that applies to all in football, it is a risk I think the club should be willing to take, and should not be used as an excuse. As they say ''We live in interesting times''.