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    [quote user="SYG"]Adel Taarabt[/quote]


    Great player but only plays for himself, disruptive in the dressing room imo.

  2. First Wizard

    Brave decisions by Hughton = massive 3 points!

    [quote user="City1st"]

    [quote user="Wiz"] Maybe if Hughton had been braver in other home games we''d be safe by now..........but its a start.[Y][/quote]


    More nonsense from Wensum Stand boy.


    To achieve ''safety'' we would have had to achieve 43 points ''by now'' (West Ham were relegated with 42 points a few seasons back)


    That would require us to have won all of our drawn home games and drawn one of our lost home games. A feat, points total and win number that is better than all other PL teams bar Man Utd.


    Unfortunately, as with most other posts, this troll is so eager to cast a sideways dig at the club that he doesn''t bother to check his facts first. Perhaps it was all those years sitting in an open stand that has dulled brain or  caused his deepseated dislike of our club (either way the three open stands he remembered were only there a decade of more BEFORE he was born).


    Todays win must have hurt badly







    I''m so made up and happy tonight over this brilliant win that I''d even snog you........with tongues if you like![:D]

  3. First Wizard

    Hughton the Accidental Hero

    Top post Rude one.[Y]
  4. First Wizard

    4 points from 27

    [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="morty"][quote user="Wiz"]I''ve always said Hughton will relegate us. ... I still stand by that.[/quote]


    Perhaps we could debate what "always" means, in the same way as debating what the phrase "NOT improved the defence" means.

    Wiz wrote the following post at 2012/11/01 10:28 AM:
    "Well, I''m not afraid to put my hand up.
    I was wrong, very wrong about Hughton, I wanted Holloway but I wouldn''t swap Hoots for anyone now... and that includes Lambert!
    We''ve struck gold. ....again."




  5. First Wizard

    US report and the goals

    Top find Zak.[Y]
  6. First Wizard

    Feb 2010 v southend... ollie johnston

    [quote user="Mister Chops"]Johnston was a Lambeth signing, not a Houghton one.




  7. First Wizard

    Oh no not Howson

    Well I''m very pro Howson, so my view is totally biased........he was fine today.[Y]
  8. First Wizard

    Has Hughton made a bad signing yet?

    Harry Kane and the jury''s out with Tetty for me, but thats seems all after KK''s performance today.
  9. First Wizard

    Kei Kamara granted visa

    [quote user="Grant Holts 3 year contract"][quote user="Wiz"][quote user="Norfolk Mustard"]

    Watched the video; my goodness what a great attitude!

    He''ll be infectious with that beaming smile - just what we need...



    Err no, its ruddy goals we need!


    He scored today Wiz xxxxxxx

    You *


    We won, so give us a kiss!

  10. First Wizard

    Kei Kamara granted visa

    [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Wiz"]

    This has the Cody Mac hype written all over it..and look how sour that turned out.[:S]


    You didn''t listern back then either.


    But some of us did spellcheck.



    Wow! [|-)]

  11. First Wizard

    Two forwards = Holt Scores Goals

    [quote user="singupcarrowroad"]A few people on here, me included, have been saying this for the last two weeks. Today we played two up front, Holt scored a goal. He''ll score another five between now and the end of the season.[/quote]


    Its not rocket science is it sing up?[Y]

  12. First Wizard

    Maybe I an jumping the gun...

    [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]When Kei signed it was mentioned that Norwich have already agreed the fee and have first refusal. I do echo the sentiments about David Nielson. Kamara has had 30 very good minutes, he now needs to put together a few performances in a row. (I sound horribly like Wiz don''t I).[/quote]



    But its true, look how Cody Mac started.....but we do have first option on him, its all agreed.

  13. First Wizard

    Brave decisions by Hughton = massive 3 points!

     Maybe if Hughton had been braver in other home games we''d be safe by now..........but its a start.[Y]
  14. First Wizard


    [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Wiz"]Sign a cheap, untried ''no mark'' and this is the result...[/quote]

    Well, indeed.

    These are truly days of plenty if you thrive on stupidity.

    Kei Kamara looked fit, strong, quick and gave the Everton centre backs a nightmare all the time he was on the pitch.  Great stuff!

    If fit enough, he has to be ahead of Becchio.



    The last time I saw a header with that power, Ron Davies hit it.


    And I agree.

  15. First Wizard

    Team News

    [quote user="star_manic"]a real change in personnel, and looks like tactics as well. very interesting team, looking forward to this.


    This seems positive.[Y]

  16. [quote user="Mister Chops Lovechild"] 


    more clean sheets (8 compared to 3)
    more 0-0''s (5 compared to 1)
    less goals conceded (40 to 43)


    more times conceded 4 or more goals (5 compared to 3)
    less goals scored ( 25 to 38 )
    equalled the number of games we have failed to score in (9)
    less points (29 to 35)



    Shocking stats, thanks for this Lovechild.

  17. First Wizard

    Hughton Has NOT Improved The Defence!

    [quote user="Mister Chops"]RECAP:

    Starting at

    "Hughton Has NOT Improved The Defence!"

    we''ve gone to

    "Hughton has not really Improved The Defence!,"


    "Hughton may have improved the defence, but all fans are bored with Hughton''s football!,"


    "I''d like Holloway or the bloke from MK Dons as they play passing football"


    "We might play decent passing foorball under Hughton; I don''t know, as I can''t afford to go to games any more."


    "Hughton has NOT improved the defence and you''re all wrong"


    "When I say Hughton has NOT improved the defence, I meant to say we are scoring less goals"

    More flip-flops than Great Yarmouth market.



    By your standards poor.


    And I''m still right.

  18. First Wizard

    Norwich v Everton score predictions.

    [quote user="morty"][quote user="Yelloow Since 72"]I still think the most likely is: Norwich 1 Everton 1. As I''ve said on other posts, I wonder if CH might go with 4-2-3-1 with Becchio as CF and Holt playing ''leftish'' in the style of Huckerby. This could create more movement in attack and confuse their defence whilst still playing Wes without sacrificing the defensive cover.[/quote]

    Holt as a left winger?

    Seriously, think about it lol.


    Calderwood did that to Holt at Forest.

  19. First Wizard

    Hughton Has NOT Improved The Defence!

    [quote user="chicken"]Rubbish. You had plenty to moan about last season when you now say things were all nice and rosey. Like others have said when you take away the games Bassong wasn''t playing in and we had Bennett or Barnett at the back we have one of the meanest defenses. I''d also suggest that in the absence of a decent second striker Hughton has tried to inject a bit more creativity in Hoolahan. It hasn''t brought us the goals we all hoped but you make it sound as if we sacraficed a striker for a defender when we haven''t.[/quote]


    Tactically we have imo.

  20. I''m pro standing, always have been, sitting kills the atmosphere, and Chelsea, Man City fans seem to stand without all the grief. ...........why?
  21. First Wizard

    Hughton Has NOT Improved The Defence!

    [quote user="chicken"]Does anyone get to the point where they imagine Wiz to be in a puppet show and your waiting for Punch to come out and wack him with something to the response of comical applause and laughter? Just give it up Wiz, people have been kind enough to tolerate your challenge and then actually respond to it in a polite and educated way. You response to that is ridicule their counter argument, change the conversation a couple of times and then when that doesn''t work return to the original argument which you had already disagreed with yourself in an attempt to try and do what? I have no idea. The defense is stronger this year, to add to the fact that they are ''meaner'' when we have Bassong and Turner in there, they have also score double the amount of goals last years collection of defenders managed. And that with games yet to go. So actually not only is this years defense better at defending, it''s also better at scoring![/quote]


    We are taking just 3+, 3 plus misely goals you all cling to when you claim I''m wrong chicken, not one of you ''head in sand'' types have counted my at the expense and destruction of our strikers points yet.


    That point is forgotten, glossed over, as long as its not mentioned, my arguement remains sound.


    Scoring more goals than the oppositon will always win games, likewise, it will always shut me up too!

  22. First Wizard

    Super Chrissy Martin ...

    Best of luck Chris.[Y]
  23. First Wizard

    Hughton Has NOT Improved The Defence!

    And so the crazy gang members gather.


    Only a few on this site have ever met me at Carrow Road, for that I feel blessed.


    I still stand by my OP, despite your collective ridicule, but I realise you do it because you have no defence against my claim.


    Hughton switching to two up front may just save us...........we will soon find out.

  24. First Wizard

    Snowy the Cat R.I.P.

    Sorry for your sad loss Ricardo, RIP Snowy.[W]