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    [quote user="Daz Sparks"]"An Wiz, Morison had been struggling much longer than Hughton has been here you (unt" Prozac, that was class.[/quote]




     What swearing?

  2. First Wizard


    [quote user="Yarmy"]Wiz you mean another player detroyed by team wiz and his negative group of supporters. Morison was on fire until he was booed for scoring 7 in 8 simply because he was keeping Holt out of the team. Morison booed because he was not Holt Hughton given severe abuse by people like you for not being Lambert - ringing any bells ?  [/quote]


    Team Wiz?............I like the sound of that.[Y]

  3. First Wizard

    Hughton needs to go...

    [quote user="Yarmy"]

    Lol Hughton is 6th favourite to win manager of the season.


    Some of our fans at the moment are making our club the laughing stock of the premier league. The only thing this is doing ( the negativity ) is convincing our top players ( Bassong / Turner / Snodgrass ) that should an offer from another club come for their services in the summer maybe they are best out of it.



    Total bollocks!

  4. First Wizard


    Howson was fine under Lamber![^o)]
  5. First Wizard


    Another player ''ruined'' by team Hughton.
  6. First Wizard

    Time to get decent manager

    [quote user="CJ"]Sorry but we are sleep walking into a disaster either this season or next . Ch has no idea how to create an entertaining side and I am pretty certain a new manager could get us attacking and entertaining. Is there any point staying in this league if every game we approach it like we are the underdogs from a lower league. I know will get loads of stick but fed up hearing how skillful other sides are . It has got to stage where our strikers get nose bleed when they get in oppos box and snatch at any chances. It is only when the players forget managers script as against Everton that we do anything! Sorry but this is meant to be entertaining how could anyone describe this as such[/quote]


    Nail on head for me.[Y]


    Drive the bugger out!

  7. First Wizard

    Match thread v Saints.

    I hope to God I''m wrong here, but I fear KK will be out of his depth.
  8. First Wizard

    ticket prices

    [quote user="Zak Burger"]There''s already a current thread on ticket prices here: LINK


    I didn''t spot that Zak, but its different from mine imo if you read it back again.

  9. First Wizard

    ticket prices

    Firstly, this is not an attack on City, they are no more guilty in regards to this issue than any other football club.


    I fell, head over heels in love with Norwich City in the late fifties, addmission to the River End was about 9d in old money I recall back then.

    Now, I just cannot afford to watch City these days unless its a speciall treat from my family, but my love for them has not diminished one iota. So in an effort to retain a sense of belonging as a very small part of our great club I still keep my super membership going.

    Although in a few fans eyes on here, maybe even in DM''s eyes too, I will always be labelled a ''lesser fan'' by them.

    I cannot love another club, I''m already spoken for, but I and many others I fear are also being priced out too.

    What say you?

  10. [quote user="Zak Burger"][quote user="Wiz"]Rather than this game being ''must win'' I think its more a ''must not lose'' fixture.[/quote]

    An interesting statement Wiz, how does this fit in with your views on Chris Hughtons negativity and cowardice, shouldn''t he be going all out for the win like Lambert would have done, why is a draw acceptable at home to Southampton but not away to say Fulham?


    Imo Zak, there were games when Hughton ''bottled it'' and didn''t go all out for a win, this game isn''t one of them, so it fits well with my previous comments.

  11. Rather than this game being ''must win'' I think its more a ''must not lose'' fixture.
  12. [quote user="Phyxius"]Was Wiz on there agreeing with them?[/quote]


    I haven''t joined their site yet...............but its a thought.

  13. First Wizard

    Sir AF - blinded by the light

    One or two United players are known divers, Nani being one that springs to mind, so they shouldn''t gripe when a Real player does it to them.
  14. [quote user="nutty nigel"]

    Good Lord! I''m totally humbled to be included in that list of posters. That''s a helluva step up from being a soon to be ex bogcleaning bingo caller.


    Lovely ol'' job[Y]





    Err, you''re not on my list Nutty, way too much respect for you, likewise with my fellow Bradders lover GP.


    Keep wracking your brains though.............. I can hear it from here.

  15. First Wizard

    Paul mcveigh

    [quote user="NCFC TIll I die"]Yeah we all know man utd are a class team but you don''t have to go on about it every 5 mins[/quote]


    What? like Hughton does?

  16. First Wizard

    Poor Lambert and the bigger club

    I want Vill relegated, not because of The Holy One, but because of their mouthy, arrogant fans.


    Lambert? I''d have him back here in a heartbeat.

  17. [quote user="singupcarrowroad"]I''m not backtracking on anything. Are you getting bored of Wiz? We''ve already had one poster claim to be familiar with a similar statement.[/quote]


    Save your breath singup, I have............just leave him/pussy boy to prattle on, I do.

  18. First Wizard

    Nigel Worthington...

    Shall I............I''m tempted.........................Nah, I''m having the day off.[:D]
  19. [quote user="crabbycanary"]

    I would be very careful what you wish for. I would want McNally at the helm for some time to come. Yes the ''other two'' are very competent  and good at what they do, but McNally''s job, i would wager, is quite different to the others.



    This. [Y]


    The best costs money.

  20. First Wizard

    Paul mcveigh

    WLYP is okay in my books, a great player for us.

  21. First Wizard

    Has anyone else noticed...

    Maybe, just maybe, posts deleted are removed by the mods which are off subject or of a direct personal attack nature.


    I have no need to report anyone, you lot ain''t good enough to get to me...........nor will you ever be.


    Bring it on and give me your best shot.

  22. [quote user="BWs Cat "]Too right wiz.[/quote]



    G G G Gosh, you called me wiz............could this be love? [U]


    I''ve always had a passion for pussies.[;)]

  23. [quote user="Zak Burger"][quote user="Wiz"][quote user="Zak Burger"][quote user="Wiz"]

    I think he''d have done a far better job than CodyKei or Becchio have.


    It''s easy to make a claim like this in the knowledge that no comparison can ever be made.


    Thats down to Whoton....................not me.


    Thankfully!! Unlike you Hughton is very knowledgeable about football and has the benefit of actually seeing our players perform other than on the wireless or in his imagination.


    Sigh, sometimes you just have to give up with certain posters.

  24. [quote user="YankeeCanary"][quote user="Wiz"][quote user="ricardo"][quote user="Wiz"]

    [quote user="ricardo"]It''s looking more and more like the bottom 4 will struggle to get past 36 points.


    Thats 4 more then we currently have ricardo.


    Happy to lay you 25-1 that we get more than 4 points Wiz.


    Okay I''ll take that bet ricardo.


    Where do I send my 1p stake money to?[;)]




    As a suggestion, you might send it to the moderator on the QPR forum. They seem to love your small offerings of anti-Norwich on that site.



    Oh droll, so droll.

  25. First Wizard

    The Paintball Analogy

    [quote user="Herman "]Is this the same cowardly manager that brought on two attacking subs against Man U? Three technically but...[/quote]


    Not until we''d already lost the game!