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  1. Just for context, you have to temper these things by remembering that SvH scored 20+ for Heerenveen in the Dutch top flight last year, and Bundesliga 2 is probably a further step down. He’s still out player and it’d be great if the new guy came in and made Tzolis work out for us, but I can’t see it.
  2. Hadn’t spotted that - he did manage a fair few clubs but I wonder if that’s happened with anyone before?
  3. Interesting one - he’s done well with the binners, I imagine their fans would be rather annoyed as will be hoping they could ‘do a Brighton’ under him. It’d make their chances of survival that little bit harder, you’d think.
  4. Someone mentioned Kim Hellberg, a Swedish guy, yesterday - is at Hammerby; he’d been linked to Sunderland in December.
  5. Quite agree. I was never particularly fond of Webber, and ultimately couldn’t give two craps who the SD is as long as they are doing a decent job - so for me this has nothing to do with that side of things. All I’m saying is that I’m surprised so many supporters are throwing their weight behind Cuesta. He’s probably no3 at Arsenal - does that mean he’s responsible for their success? He could well be a complete genius, I don’t know, and if he comes in fine by me though it does feel a bigger gamble than other options might be. I’m also certain that as supporters we’d not be giving him much thought were it not for Knapper.
  6. How dare you come up with facts! This season was odd - there’s lots of negative stuff to whine about if you choose (away form for instance), but also plenty of positives. Finishing 6th with all that went on was definitely good going, at the start there were a lot who thought we’d finish closer to the bottom than the top.
  7. I’m not sure tbh - given we finished 26th (within the target), surely doing that and then binning the manager suggests we are looking to do better.
  8. I agree with the OP’s general point - there’s a number that don’t follow things NCFC who won’t see the wider picture. We did do pretty well to get to the play offs all things considered, but there are broader things at play. Wagner is a decent bloke but not the one to take us forward. I’m glad we acted quickly and decisively, hopefully everyone can get behind whoever the new guy is and that he is named quickly.
  9. I have to confess at being on a little surprised at the keenness of some for Cuesta to be our man, yes he’s apparently well thought of but I’m pretty sure he’s only an Asst Coach (rather than Arteta’s no2) at Arsenal. It’s a huge step up and I wonder if he’d even be mentioned if Knapper wasn’t here: is that enough to make the difference? I’m not sure.
  10. Definitely the case that the relegated three were a bit of a surprise last season, and the main following surprise is that one of them will miss out.
  11. Less a pen that time but given. Could yet be a repeat of our scoreline…and pretty much as one-sided from what I’ve seen.
  12. All those are decent shouts - Cooper has done well at more than one club, Bristol fans seem happy with Manning and they did play very decent football - the fact he’s a local could be helpful if we want him.
  13. Sadly not good enough in the area of the pitch he’s meant to specialise, ie defence.
  14. Surely that was you having the last word - oh, I see there’s a reply just as I type!
  15. People do seem to have forgotten we have the starlet that is Tzolis to add to the pot of players to go. If we can get anything like what we paid for him that will help the coffers without impacting the squad at all.
  16. Of course it could - but football is a hell of a lot broader than having connections to just one team…you need a network. No doubt Knapper has built that over the years, so hopefully it will bear us some fruit (but it didn’t gain us anything in the January window to help push us). SvH isn’t the best advert for him to-date, but it is early doors.
  17. It’s odd isn’t it - in this instance it seems everyone is calling it a great idea because they are good mates. It ain’t necessarily so, as the song goes. I’m more interested in whether the guy can do the job.
  18. There’s some logic there - but I would hope Knapper has a wider address book than just Arsenal contacts! Acting quickly as we have certainly suggests someone is lined up - I’m not totally sure Cuesta would be my choice, it is a huge step for what could be a bit of a rebuild, but it would be an interesting one. Hopefully whoever it is is one that we can all get behind from the off (for once).
  19. Quite so. Some seem to always kneejerk to the worst case scenario, but you’re spot on. Clearly some will leave - that was always on the cards, it always happens and we need to freshen up, but it won’t be a ‘fire sale’ to the extent that some are suggesting. We’d hardly be able to attract a decent manager if he had to perform with both hands tied behind his back.
  20. Missing the entire point I was making certainly is. Well done.
  21. It’s a bit ridiculous to cherry pick certain fixtures - all clubs have off-days - it completely misses that despite everything we managed to finish in the top 6. Some credit should be given for that, but ultimately it does feel we need something different.
  22. The bbc story is by Nick Mash!ter, the guy who used to be quite early with stories in Webber’s time.
  23. Was just reading on Beeb - the reporter was Nick Mash!ter (as ‘Sr football news reporter’) - he’s the guy who used to have quite close links to Webber?
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