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  1. That’s one take, mine is more in agreement with this on the Beeb. Comeback complete. It looks a fluke from Todd Cantwell, whose cross from the right dips over Jon McCracken and thumps in via a kiss off the far post.
  2. To be fair his goal was unintentional, it was a cross.
  3. See the quote from my post above!
  4. a quote I saw from one of the reporters at Rangers v Dundee tonight, when it was 1-2: “I'm watching Silva closely. There's not a lot to watch. After the first goal, he started gesticulating as if 'we're so rubbish'. He's a brat. Cantwell is a brat. There's too many of that type of player in this team and I think Clement is wise to it.”
  5. Can you imagine a scenario where we were Spurs and Arsenal were Ipswich…us winning putting a title in their hands but stopping us having a euro chance? Tricky one….
  6. They have won individual games, just not been promoted via playoffs.
  7. It’s what they do for many non league playoffs, seems to work fine, but can’t see them changing the two-legged semis.
  8. Really? Ffs you must be fun at parties/in the pub - not one to harp on about pointless arguments, are you. He may misplaced a couple of passes but he was far from ‘having a nightmare’ as you suggested. Move on.
  9. Ah, presumably you mean with the police being allowed to do their job without lies being printed in the press? It takes such a small amount of time to check for information on something like this - and is far from reasonable to liken a brawl outside a football match to the murder of children….something only a complete **** would do.
  10. That’s utter crap. The press should be ensuring it reports what has happened, not some wild made up garbage. That is the difference between proper journalism and the crap we get these days where no one cares about the truth and it is more about clickbait.
  11. For sure - we aren’t going to get 120 minutes out of him (not sure about several others, either!), probably best to start him from the bench.
  12. I said he should have started at Brum - largely to protect Sargent, but surely couldn’t have done him (or us) any harm.
  13. Ok, if you say so - a couple of misplaced passes is not ‘having a mare’.
  14. No, they were binned largely because Ipswich lost to them. And I kid you not. They went out on away goals two times, Sheepshanks was on the FL Board and campaigned for them to be scrapped.
  15. That’s just hilarious. So, this thread is here to slate the team for having only one shot on target, but from that you managed to glean their keeper was having a mare. Ok. I guess that makes sense in Noddyland.
  16. I’m astonished at the apparent lack of enthusiasm for this - from ‘we don’t deserve to be here’ to ‘we don’t want to go up’. We do deserve to be here - we were 6th. Try telling the same to Crawley who finished 7th in their division and hammered MK Dons 8-1 in their two legs and are headed off to Wembley.
  17. More likely crashing into each other as they leave the car park
  18. I must be missing something, but can’t see everyone’s second favourite European giants on there.
  19. …sadly not when playing for England! Very good for us though.
  20. That’s pretty much my XI - Dimi if fit is better in defence than Sam and I don’t think Duffy will start. I don’t think Rowe has looked properly fit since his injury but will hopefully be able to play a part. Could this be SVH’s moment, though? Doubtful but you never know….
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