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  1. Sorry Saint, I can''t agree with you. Worthy hardly ever openly criticises the players and gets tonnes of abuse for it in these very Boards, so when he does quite rightly have a go for a completely unacceptable performance, he should be appluaded.  [And to use Moyes'' quotes as a guide is extremely misleading as they are in completely different circumstances and context]. If I recall correctly, last season it took right up to the Arsenal away game before Worthy actually came out and criticised the players - it was April, and months after any of us would have done - and if also I recall correctly we then went on our best run of the season: I hope this repeats itself, but sad to say that I get the impression many on here would love to see him and the team fail miserably!!! 
  2. It is pathetic in the extreme to have been outplayed so consistently this season - I have not been in the "Worthy out" camp so far, but am beginning to lean that way, the performances have just been far too poor.  IMO things need to turn around, and sharpish.
  3. Technically he has had 4 clubs, but two were on loan, last season.  Taken from Norwich site (obviously a West Ham fan''s comments): "Left Coventry City to join Tottenham, then within a week or so shipped out on loan to us. Not many of the fans had to much knowledge about him. He had played in the Coventry team who had recently beaten us 2-1 at Highfield road though. Made his debut in the 2-1 win up at Sheffield United back in September. A giant at the back he looked an excellent prospect and it was gutting that we weren¿t about to keep him on loan for longer as he was arguably the best defender in the entire league. But Tottenham had injuries and wanted him back at the end of November. He went back, then within weeks went on loan to Southampton where he spent most of the time on the bench! Such a waste. Read the game superbly and I don¿t think it is nonsense to suggest that if we had of kept him for the whole season we may have made automatic promotion. Maybe we will get him back at the club next season either on loan or permanently." ....so quite a decent endorsement; it sounds like he is a pretty decent signing, and a player who can cope up at the top of this league.  
  4. I guess you are right in all you say, Putney, but it doesn''t get over the fact that I/we are shafted purely because of living away from my home location. I can listen to the local radio station at any time prior to 5mins before kick-off/c20 mins after.  I actually live closer to Fulham/Chelsea than anyone else, but Norwich is where I was born and raised so I support them.  It would be so easy for me to go with friends (who have season tickets) and watch the currently most successful side in the country, but I choose not to - even though it takes c6hrs to get to/from home games, costs £40 on petrol and £300-odd on my season ticket...so don''t really feel I should be asked to pay more just to listen to local bbc radio! [Jeez reading this back meakes me realise just how mad I must seem to others, my wife included!!!]
  5. What is actually the matter with Ian Pearce....i am surprised that so many people (not just on this thread) seem to have it in for him!  I have scoured various sites and they all reckon him to be a firm crowd favourite wherever he plays, a good footballer, good passer, is tall at 6''3", and is 31 so experienced but not an old man (ideal to help bring on Shackell).  Can someone please explain to me why, when everyone has been moaning about us needing central defenders, he would not have fitted the bill pretty well????
  6. I agree with most people on here - seems this is a thread mainly for ''reasonable'' people who realise that things aren''t always as black and white and simple to sort out as others seem to think!  The idea that the Club''s management doesn''t realise where the gaps in the squad are is surely laughable - these are people who have been in the game for more years than most Posters here have been alive - but they also realise that there is no point getting people in who are rubbish just to appease the fans.  I''m sure they have been and still are busy looking for replacements - but they have to ''fit''. It is far too easy for us to sit at our pc and say  "we should sign x or y", and moan when they don''t turn up - or when someone else does.  Take Ian Pearce: imo he would have been a decent loan signing - 6''3" and at 31 has plenty of experience (but not yet is far from an old man) to help bring on Shackell; on all the sites they say he is a good footballer, comfortable with the ball, good at passing - features crucial for our squad.  Yet on most threads people seem to think he''d have been a rubbish signing.  Quite why, I''m not sure! I''m fast beginning to realise that these forums are more for moaning about things about the club than actually discussing things - I guess it is no surprise that at times the dissenters drown out those who are backing the management, as they are just louder and post more frequently!
  7. Well just to give a slightly different opinion, I would say that we are clearly not playing as well as we can but we are far from the rubbish side that some seem to be making us out to be; some key players have not really been at the races (eg McKenzie), and we have also had a bit of poor luck (we have hit the woodwork sth like 8 times so far) and though not much of an excuse, it is still true that with a modicum of fortune we could/would be sat on several more pts than we are. IMO It is relatively easy to see where the main problem lies - before Monday''s feeble all round effort, in all games we had let in 5 goals in 6 games: hardly relegation form, but had only scored only 4: which certainly is......finishing has been poor but equally the chance creation is not as good as it should be, as we seem to be lacking an incisive midfielder (ie Francis).  Today''s transfer window was an opportunity to fill some gaps, but we seem to have missed it......and unless Worthy can pull some 2003-style stunning loans off we do seem to be a bit stuck!  
  8. Yep - have friends who subscribed to other ...world''s, and they all seem to think it is poor and only worth the money as they are long-range supporters.  I couldn''t believe it when I first realised that Radio Narfolk was blocked for commentaries, and can''t believe that fleecing long-range supporters is a good idea.  I live in Surrey and there there are limitless options of other things to do with my time and money!!!
  9. Can see your point, but are the comments of a relatively few people on these boards actually a true or fair representation of those of the majority of supporters who don''t post?  As with all things, it is those who feel strongly this way or that who will comment, but the majority who are happy don''t do so....and there is also the fact that the vast majority of people probably don''t have pc/internet access. I guess the pinkun could always run an article saying that there is ''increasing unrest'' amongst some sections of supporters, or something. I personally am not in the Worthy out brigade (yet), am willing to give him more time to gel the players together into the side we know they can be - it seems only fair to give him a decent chance as he did get us promoted, and we only got relegated by the finest of margins last season after no one had really given us a chance of staying up.
  10. hmmmmm....wondered how long it''d take them to realise.  I just hope they don''t change the link address or I''m stuffed (though listening to games like last night wouldn''t be something I would miss).  I think it is completely unfair on people like me who live away from Norfolk that purely by virtue of this fact I am expected to pay to listen to the games, when those living locally do not.  I live over 150 miles away from Norwich and am a season ticket holder, so feel I already spend plenty going to games as it is, without having to pay more just to listen in on those occasions when I can''t spare 6+ hours of my life travelling to and from games.  
  11. I agree to an extent.  Six games into the season is no time to get rid of a manager, but I''d give another 10 games.  If then we are still playing poorly and getting poor results then I will join the worthy out brigade, but not before. People need to remember that whilst we haven''t played particularly well, with only a small amount of luck we would have won most of our matches so far (remember our hit-the-woodwork count is 7-8), and sides seem to be scoring with just about their only shots on target (Leeds, Coventry).  Even last night we were supposedly looking the better side and the game was there for winning when Hucks acts like a complete twot - just tell me, how is that Worthy''s fault?? Re his signings, he has spent as much money as he has been given - a pittance by any standards, and has done about as well as can be expected.  I don''t regard Charlton, Helveg and Jonson as particularly poor signings.  Just how we were going to stay up last season with a feeble transfer pot of about £2-3m is beyond me - it is a miracle we lasted out as long as going to the final game of the season.  Again, this season, it seems the only money we had to spend was what Worthy could bring in, so we are mostly scraping around for Swaps/Frees/odd £''00k players here and there - so is it a surprise they are not taking the division by storm?  A side that has just been in the Prem should not be in this position financially, and I really think something is amiss in that respect.  I just hope he manages to get a couple of decent signings in before the Window closes.
  12. Yeah - I thought that on Sat Brennan didn''t seem to be going wide so it was always a bit too obvious what we were going to do.  Maybe the enforced break for Hucks will indeed give us a chance to try something different, and may give the side a better balance.  One other thing''s for sure, too - Hucks doesn''t seem to have been so effective this season for some reason, so maybe the enforced break will do him some good.
  13. [quote]David Williams ...... the new David Stringer. A good coach and someone with a Canary background.[/quote] I agree - I don''t think getting rid of Worthy just yet is the answer, but it is always a good idea to promote from within if you can (eg Stringer, Deehan, Walker, even Worthy) so David Williams or Doug Livermore would be a pretty good choice, or then there are those with a City connection (Bowen, Crook etc).
  14. ....sorry - still "in" for me - he can''t help Huckerby being a complete twot and getting himself sent off.  That said, we were 2-1 down at the time and not playing well, so may have still lost.  We are poor at the moment but 6 games is not enough time for the season to be judged.  If we are still poor after 15-20 games, then he does have to go.
  15. YES  LA LA LA LA-LA-LA-LA LA-LA-LA-LA DEANO 1-1 Get in there.
  16. [quote]me too, norwich get kick-off! wierd that he hasnt changed the formation, he obviously feels this must be our strongest 11. i disagree! the saying "if it aint broke dont fix it" comes to mind, its b...[/quote] Yep, and one-down already, how pathetic is that? Come on City - if we lose tonight that really is the pits!
  17. I thought the whole defence played pretty well on Saturday, against an in-form attack - we limited them to few shots on target and were it not for a woeful performance by the side (not just the strikers) in front of their goal we would have comfortably won 3-1.  Why do people have to blame Fleming even when he has had a pretty good game? I have to agree with Neil Adams in that to a large extent he is nothing more than a scapegoat for many fans.  There have been times when he''s not played so well, but Saturday wasn''t one of them.
  18. [quote]Nope i say keep him he will turn the corner ,worthy in for me.[/quote] Me too....Worthy is far from immune from criticism, but I can''t really see the point in him going at this point in time.  My biggest query of Worthy is is on transfers.  It is perhaps of little surprise the team isn''t performing as a unit given that we shipped 10 out of last season''s squad in the close season (replacing fewer), any 5 of who would have been in the starting XI.  We then compounded this by not even replacing the ''key'' leaver (Francis), which is just plain stupid.  However, balancing this is the fact that whilst we haven''t been at our best in any game, we could have easily won each were it not for the woodwork (other games) or just poor finishing (yesterday) - I don''t think Leeds were particularly good, and on almost any other occasion would have been beaten.   IMO we still have plenty of time to sort things, and MUST give Worthy a chance - Id say at least until Xmas.
  19. Why is everyone ''afraid'' that we are missing Francis - as one of our main/better players last season did anyone really think we wouldn''t??  OK he was a lazy bugger half the time but was still a crucial player in the side. What I''m ''afraid'' of is that fact that we don''t appear to have even tried to replace him - Jarrett was supposedly brought here to play alongside rather than replace him (and has looked poor when he''s come on but we need to give him a chance) - and since Francis left we haven''t brought anyone at all in his place.  From the squad we went down with we have lost Holt, Francis, Mulryne, Stuart, Bentley, Jonson and Helveg from the midfield (ie 6/7 as Helveg was mainly a r/b).  OK we will miss some more than others, but we have replaced those 6-7 with Marney, Jarrett and Hughes (ie just 3).  Those numbers don''t really add up to me; we are missing more than just Francis - some depth wouldn''t go amiss!
  20. There are two answers really: No - based on the fact that we need a creative midfielder and a central defender more than we need another striker (what with Jarvis, Henderson and Thorne not even given a go yet, and Hucks available to play there). But also.... Yes, all things being equal, generally I''d say he''d be a decent signing. As things currently stand I''d definitely plump for "no" purely because £2m could currently be spent much better in addressing our weaknesses, but were we to get the midfielder and defender then it could easily change to a Yes!
  21. [quote]Good, if he is hesitant about who to sign for then we don''t want him, and more to the point we don''t need him. Let''s get this £2M spent on a quality midfielder and/or a decent defender to replace th...[/quote] Yes, agree with this.  I''m not particularly bothered if we get Morrison or not - for the £2m we could get Bentley (or Eruhu or someone) for £1m and a decent £1m defender (a "Primus" type player, but I don''t really care who!). ....but I will say that Flem can''t be held to blame for yesterday, nor really for the other goals this season - I don''t think he is as bad as people are making out, and it seems he is a convenient scapegoat.  IMO he is no better or worse than the others BUT we have not tried any other partnership than "Flem + a.n.other" over the last 2 season, which is completely crazy!
  22. [quote]What everyone forgets is that Worthy actually believes that in Fleming he has a top class defender and captain. Even after four games Fleming is still the only defender to have started and finished e...[/quote] You are dead right, Silver Fox....and if you cast your mind back to last season I believe you will find that the only defender in the entire squad who wasn''t dropped at one stage or other in the season was.....our Mr Fleming.  All the other players in the squad were dropped (I prefer  ''made a scapegoat of'') for the poor defensive record at one point or other - Drury, Helveg, Charlton, Doc, Eddie - (and Malky didn''t even make a start).  But not Flem.....he seems to be untouchable!  Surely somewhere along the line Worthy ought to give a central defensive partnership a go that doesn''t include him - it might even work!?!
  23. [quote]From the match reports it seems Fleming couldnt do anything about it. And also, although im worried about our results so far - sunderland got only 5 or so points from their first 6 games and then won...[/quote] I do have to say that having a sound defence is the reason we got out of this division, and keeping clean sheets is crucial.  Today sounded unfortunate but the fact remains that we have let goals in each game and this is worrying - particularly given that this includes Coventry and Crewe.   We need the defence to be sorted rather quickly. That said, the stats show that we were well ahead on possession (for once) and also ahead on shots.  Were it not for what sounds a rather poor decision by the ref (+ for the retake) we would not have lost the game.  IMO, it is only a matter of time before we get the results we are starting to deserve, and will start to climb the table very swiftly.  Sunderland last season showed that a good start isn''t necessary - indeed, so did we when we won the title in 85-86 - we lost 3 out of the first 5 that season but won it at a canter.
  24. Well, I differ - but only slightly: I''d go for (in order) a playmaking midfielder first, then a defender, then a striker!  Still, I''d say it is a pretty decent signing but we do need to get one more in either of my preferred positions. It certainly does suggest that a player might be leaving, and whilst I hope it isn''t going to be Ashton, I do have to say that if we got - for example - Morrison, Sidwell and Bentley in from the transfer fee, I think on balance I''d be reasonably happy.....we are by no means a one man team, and such signings would make us much stronger.
  25. [quote]Try this: http://mfile.akamai.com/6095/live/reflector:21683.asx?bkup=23506[/quote] many thanks - owe you a beer or two!! (not that I am enjoying things as they stand!!)
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