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  1. At least they won’t get too much grief from the locals - could have been quite tricky had we got the result.
  2. Poor all round. This wasn’t the night not to turn up, but it is just what we’ve done - dreadful. To be fair Leeds are in the top 2 in this league when on form - doubled the binners and Leicester. We needed to be at the top of our game to have any chance and are way off, starting with the normally reliable keeper.
  3. Wtf does that matter: it counted as a goal. Jeez, what a strange argument.
  4. So that means it doesn’t count to his side scoring? I’d settle for an og tonight!
  5. 100% - stupid f/k to give away but the goal is down to him. As was the second.
  6. Gunn has been dreadful - caught asleep for the first and utter crap for the second: come for the fecking thing!!!
  7. Yup - did wonder if Rowe might be held back, but then if he can’t play for 90 min how do you know when to bring him on with extra time a possibility? Sainz making way for him seems fair enough
  8. To be fair, most of the complainers will get it wrong, so technically the OP was right (whilst being wrong).
  9. Quite. The media reported it, the club’s made a statement that was posted 3-4 days ago. This incident apparently happened on Friday, so if reported today it is nearly a week.
  10. Holy crap there are some Jessies out there - they shouldn’t have got a ticket in the first place if they now won’t go, it was hardly going to be all nicey-nicey however it turned out. Imo there’s only trouble if you go looking for it, pretty much as usual.
  11. That’s one take, mine is more in agreement with this on the Beeb. Comeback complete. It looks a fluke from Todd Cantwell, whose cross from the right dips over Jon McCracken and thumps in via a kiss off the far post.
  12. To be fair his goal was unintentional, it was a cross.
  13. See the quote from my post above!
  14. a quote I saw from one of the reporters at Rangers v Dundee tonight, when it was 1-2: “I'm watching Silva closely. There's not a lot to watch. After the first goal, he started gesticulating as if 'we're so rubbish'. He's a brat. Cantwell is a brat. There's too many of that type of player in this team and I think Clement is wise to it.”
  15. Can you imagine a scenario where we were Spurs and Arsenal were Ipswich…us winning putting a title in their hands but stopping us having a euro chance? Tricky one….
  16. They have won individual games, just not been promoted via playoffs.
  17. It’s what they do for many non league playoffs, seems to work fine, but can’t see them changing the two-legged semis.
  18. Really? Ffs you must be fun at parties/in the pub - not one to harp on about pointless arguments, are you. He may misplaced a couple of passes but he was far from ‘having a nightmare’ as you suggested. Move on.
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