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  1. I’ve long wondered where these Cuesta links came from, but everyone suddenly seemed to be talking about it.. I’m not totally sure an untried assistant is the way to go - it has worked some places and not at others - but a good quick reset isn’t a bad idea, get everyone and everything behind it for the new season.
  2. I’m not completely sure why so many have been utterly convinced all season that he’ll be sacked - finishing in the play-offs was the aim and was achieved? That said, as per Hoggy, it wouldn’t totally surprise me if he did leave anyway, but a sacking feels harsh
  3. Oh look, that wrong stat again. Scoring via an own goal still counts, you know. It’s like that crap comment when we played Boro in the final - we’d apparently never scored at Wembley. It was as though the Milk Cup win had never happened…
  4. No one is disputing it was a bit of a no-show, but we also came up against a resurgent Leeds - clearly the helping hand we (Gunn in particular) gave helped them back into form. But correcting some of the garbage that has inevitably followed is also not unreasonable.
  5. Rubbish - there’s plenty as good/better/bigger, and their stadium is a craphole. And you also include a completely wrong and unnecessary dig at our fans. It’s astonishing how you disappear when we win but appear like a floating turd when we don’t.
  6. I’m not defending anything, just correcting the nonsense you posted. We were poor and Leeds were decent - sadly when we were looking for solidity Gunn gifted them two goals (Nunez being culpable too for conceding a completely unnecessary free kick) and from then the tie was gone.
  7. Oh, other playoffs don’t count? Bit like the “Wagner’s sides haven’t scored a goal in 5 play off matches”…other than the 1 that they did score (which apparently doesn’t count for some reason as it was an og). Funny how completely irrelevant/incorrect stats pop up every now and then…
  8. When you factor in Tzolis (presumably sold this summer and not a loss to the squad) and Idah (who should have been here but isn’t) it indeed might well not be many leavers. Rowe is a decision point though, isn’t he going into his last year?
  9. Eh? Didn’t Peterborough beat Sheff Wed 4-0 and then lose the tie only last season? And Crawley beat MK Dons 8-1 on aggregate jist a few days ago. How is us losing tonight the ‘worst play off defeat for years’?
  10. Some players will inevitably leave (is Rowe going into his final year?), but Tzolis being one, is not a great miss from the current squad; nor I suppose is Idah given he’s not currently around (even though he should have been)…but he obviously needs replacement (and not by SVH!). We do have the likes of Hills, Warner, Tomlinson et al to come back in defence to push for a place; Kamara from a successful stint at Pompey, I’m sure there’s others I’ve forgotten. There are several ‘unknowns’: just how good Knapper will be at getting his men (SvH for Idah was not the best start), whether it will be with Wagner at the helm and how much/whether there will be any money from the new owner set up.
  11. He’s clearly not been completely fit since his injury, but we had a choice to make as to whether he started or came on. Same for Sargent. With the potential of extra time my thought was that starting them made more sense..clearly given how it went that all became a bit moot. It does seem a bit unfair to castigate Wagner too much for the hard choices he had to make. It’s all very easy with hindsight.
  12. What, so we could have all had the massive expense of losing like this to Leeds at Wembley? Don’t disagree per se - we fought really well to get ourselves back into the top 5/6 and then just didn’t turn up for the last two home games and Brum…not how you want to go into the playoffs.
  13. It’s strange how some can’t see what he brings/ how we miss him when he’s out. But at his age he’s certainly not for the long-term future. For all the grief he gets, we have definitely missed Hanley not being fit and firing since his injury.
  14. Imo given our lack of any depth, we had to start the guys carrying injuries to see what we could get from them. Obviously it now looks stupid and inept, but I don’t think he could really make any different decision (without starting SvH which seems impossible)
  15. Quite. Says it all perfectly. We have to hope the guys out on loan come back and make a case to start…think we had 4 cbs put and about.
  16. Gunn hat trick!!’. I’m just wondering the flack Long would be getting tonight…shame for him as he’s been good, but having a mare tonight..
  17. It looks cack given how the game has gone, but there was logic to it - when you have the possibility of extra time how do you know when to bring ‘injured’ players on?
  18. Well, you’ve popped up to say it when we lose, otherwise you’re strangely quiet.….
  19. Well, yes - your plan was ideal and presumably what we wanted to do…sadly Gunn and sloppiness spoilt that
  20. Letting Idah go was obviously a poor decision, but doesn’t alter the fact we have been unlucky with injuries at a time when you need as many match-fit as possible.
  21. Obviously injured from the first game, surely. We’ve not had too much luck what with Rowe being unfit, and Sarge plus Barnes clearly being injured.
  22. Indeed - Leeds ought to have finished in the top 2 with plenty to spare, and but for their stumble they would have. We had to put in a performance akin to vs the binners to have a chance, and have been found well short.
  23. The defence hasn’t been consistently good enough all season - well, for several seasons tbh - and needs a lot of work imo. Hopefully Hills, Tompkinson, Warner et al will stake their claim for a starting berth.
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