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  1. transfer rummors?? where do they get they info from! coz they cant''t just say it without any backing surely! im regarding to the one of the hudderfield player! just intrested really!
  2. could even spilliane play there at all???
  3. was really awful!!! even nelson had to carry him!!! what was all your views on him!!!?? Good win tho!!! (in the end)
  4. i know theres a tickets already been posted on here but i really would like a ticket for tonights game if any one got a spare one at all!! thanks will pay of couse!!
  5. just seen this on the bbc live update website which i thought was cureton at his best!!! 6:29 Jamie Cureton has an effort at goal from outside the box which goes wide right of the target.
  6. o no theres 3 points dropped!! or could be are turn around on tv!!! haha
  7. its just all that i saw on the highlights! lets hope he did run it off!!
  8. as i was watching the lovely highlights i could help notice that e was limping a hell of alot at the end any news on that??? o and plus henderson what a fat twit!!
  9. [quote user="Beauseant"][quote user="Jonnypncfc"]just wondering if anyones going to delia''s ball tomorrow or the cheese night!! hope you all have good new years any way![/quote] Snow Ball for me! [/quote] ah nice one u actually going 2 the ball then aye?? see ya there!!
  10. just wondering if anyones going to delia''s ball tomorrow or the cheese night!! hope you all have good new years any way!
  11. [quote user="bristol_canary"]we''ve just signed Christian Vieri on loan!!!![/quote] wow yea good one!!
  12. can you get me one of those scarves then please??? lol
  13. if we aren''t top by nxt week we are going down! bring back simon whaley! we need him!!!!
  14. [quote user="GMF"]I heard Roy Keane has just been stopped by Suffolk Police for doing 55 mph in a 30 mph speed limit. When asked by the officer if he had any genuine excuse for such excessive speed in a built up area, Keano muttered something about "being desperate for 3 points."[/quote] since keano has been pulled over by the police hes been seen walk the dog more often as its the only lead hes been able to hold on to!
  15. i belive it will be a romping after monday and we will kill em i would say at least 5-0! up the city!
  16. we have all calm down now! i may get shot down for this! but hey ho! i have seen a few post on hear which i think are stupid! to say it was lamberts fault and no subs were used! i think tonights team you could not have subed any one to change the game! i think we were non-stop attacking so that goes another post saying we went for a draw! thats laughable! and i think are boys done there self justice out there! and im affraid to say when your on top u get those silly mistakes in to your lap! like us we had it down at reading with mr phil M getting the ball off the back off the ref! so all comes to the conclusion we were unlucky!! thats just my opinion! sorry if i have waste your time but i just wanted to air my veiws! please dont hurt me too much!
  17. [quote user="Lord Horn"]"Oh when the Greens..........[/quote] O when the greens.......
  18. kinda! not has ever mention it! i see it all the time when i go and he plays he gets away with 2 or 3 times and then he starts getting in trouble for it! i surprise know one has een this before! wathc him tonight! he aways doing it!
  19. why o why does he seem to cuddle or hold (what ever you want to call it) the striker so much and then when a free kick is awarded he gets the hump do you think he blacks out and forgets???? lol
  20. wow this one got outer hand within the first 2 post! so we can not say what some one looks like now or colour this is get stupid i would of said the same thing! as the orignal poster! if u cant say what colour a man or women is what on eath is going on! i bet the the black man in question said to his mates i had this white man in 2day tryin to use a fake id!
  21. i surpose but some of us have to stay and mind fort carrow road! all i hope is that we dont take any beach balls with us!!!!! LOL
  22. so i take it only 2 of us are excited aboout tonights game then??? come on is such a big game!
  23. sorry but it may seem pointless but! come on city do us proud! and don''t f*ck it up on tv! please!!! and once agin! come on city!!!!! im getting excited now!
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