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  1. We''re only told that everyone is happy as is standard in football. It''s not very honest when it comes to this sort of subject. Lots of people can''t stand McNally as he is a hard nosed businessman. He is also the single reason PL left.
  2. Although I would have liked to believe this, it would seem to have been disproved by McNally''s interview on Radio Norfolk this morning.
  3. I sit in the Jarrold Stand and I''m right next to some corporate seats at the rear and this has been a problem since I''ve owned the ticket. After the West Ham game I decided to try and get something done about it, so finally got round to emailing Danny Casey at the club. He telephoned me this morning and assured me that the club are very aware that this happens and do not in any way support it. He was also very honest and acknowledged that it is not very easy to enforce and that they don''t want to make a habit of ejecting people if they''re not causing any real trouble. He informed me that continually standing and cheering the away teams goals is unacceptable and a calm and polite complaint to a steward should be your first action. The stewards have all been instructed to then give a warning to the offending fans, even if they are in a CORPORATE area. If they continue then they should be asked to leave.Please pass this information on to anyone who is going as today is bound to be notoriously bad for this. I also think away fans will have a lot to cheer today unfortunately...
  4. [quote user="Empty Mirror"]So you know what happened, do you? All that''s in the public domain (thanks to Mr Bowkett) is that Lambert has claimed unfair dismissal. That''s a specific claim in law, with a cap on compensation of £72,300 so he simply can''t be claiming £2,000,000 by that route. But if he''s claiming unfair dismissal then it follows that his position is that he didn''t want to leave but was either sacked or forced out. IF it were true that the most successful manager we''ve had in over a decade wanted to stay but was either dismissed or forced out then the person I''d be angry with wouldn''t be him, it would be the person who dismissed or forced him out. At this time the full story isn''t in the public domain. We know odd snippets; the fact that we''ve had compensation for Culverhouse and Carva, but not for Lambert. The fact that Hughton was in post quickly. The fact that something happened to unsettle Lambert''s captain. But I''m reserving judgement until the full story comes out. Which it will, eventually.[/quote]The most sensible post on here! Something has not added up about it all from the start. Some of the quotes from Lambert when he left clearly pointed to a falling out between individuals. The fact that he was happy to operate with our transfer funds. We''ve all painted him as a mercenary but if he really doesn''t care then why would he come back for a fight? This all points to a man that has been wronged in some way.I too would reserve my anger for the person who has ousted one of most successful managers ever...
  5. What do you make of the hashtag though? #bitofatriggerthough
  6. [quote user="porkyp"]Is there ANY point to ALL the squirt that so many regular punters of the message board place on the site. For God''s sake give it a rest, Lambert is going nowhere (his words). A nd as for transfers, the board have been notified by Lambert and his coaching colleagues who he wants to bring in. Some of those players, if not all, are more than likely ON HOLIDAY, or possibly involved in the Euro''s, and NOT available re contract talks. The constant ridiculous rumours and innuendos regarding Lambert and our players is tiresome to all, and even some players have remarked as such. FFS GIVE IT A REST and go back into your holes![/quote]Ha! Just reading this and it made me smile.
  7. [quote user="mrs miggins"]i''m not sure that we should, but if culverhouse gets the job then surely lambert won''t do half as well at villa?[/quote]Culverhouse will be going with him, no doubt about that whatsoever.I agree with both sides of the argument here, he has done a lot for us but the manner in which he has left and after the whole "happy here" and "it''s speculation" crap then it has also left a bitter taste in my mouth. Villa is a bigger club than us as much as it pains us all to admit it. Everything there is in place to challenge for European football at some stage and as fantastic as it has been being a Norwich fan for the last few years, that''s not going to happen here anytime soon.
  8. Just watched them trying to put words into Shay Givens mouth, who distinctly said that he has no idea whats going on at Villa as he''s in Italy! I''m not saying that he won''t go but EVERYTHING today is born of the story from the Sun. No-one has even said that they''ve seen him in Birmingham or his car leaving Carrow Road last night. Again, I''m sure something''s happening but the speculation is unbelieveable!What if he is having talks? Will he be the third manager to turn them down? Would he be welcome back? We really won''t have any info until NCFC (or AVFC) make an official statement, which is more annoying than anything. I respect players/managers privacy, but without us buying tickets, shirts, matchday pies and having Sky TV at home then none of them get paid, so what''s wrong telling us what''s going on as it happens? Why can''t Grant Holt tell us the mysterious reason he put in a transfer request? It is somewhat hypocritical to use social networking to defend your actions without using it to give the reasons for your actions.I await... something. Anything really.
  9. Agree that it needs sorting so that pre season preparations can get underway. I know that Lambert has come across as "non committal" but I genuinely believe that he just hates playing the media game and doesn''t feel that he needs to do anything that he doesn''t want to do. From what I hear Holt is staying (even though his house has been targeted by idiots with excrement etc,etc) so if that was linked to knowing that Lambert will still be here to manage him then it doesn''t take a genius that something is already sorted that we''re not privvy to.
  10. He does it because people like you give him endless attention and rise to every comment. Ignore him, and watch him shrivel away like the little gnarled nut sack that he is.
  11. According to Twitter, Holt is in Carlisle for a wedding. Does that mean things are sorted or there is more talking to be done? Or, just simply, that he''s just sticking to the plan of attending the aforementioned wedding?Who knows?
  12. [quote user="ncfcstar"][quote user="w1seguy"]Hi mate. I''m one of the drivers at NXEA and I''ve heard this one from a good source. I know there''s definitely been a Chinese businessman at the club regularly for the last month and he also has a colleague from the same company with him, who has ties to the local area. Just wondered if it was me you overheard???![/quote]Oh so you''re one of those greedy buggers who ruined my train journeys for 5 days.  Well done to you.[/quote]To be honest, I wouldn''t of expected you to congratulate me if your train journeys had been disrupted, but thanks all the same.....
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