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  1. The day Roeder was appointed I couldn''t believe our luck - we suddenly had a chance to escape from the black hole we were falling into - and we did - because of him.This season started slowly, results were not coming, people grew agitated with Glens tactics and selections. But despite all this I knew we''d ''click'' sooner rather than later. And on Tuesday night we did just that. Best game Ive been to at Carrow Road for a few years (maybe since our promotion season)Lets hope we can follow it up with a healthy win today. By healthy I mean playing well, carrying confindence into this match and scoring a couple of good goals.By christmas the table will have the ''look'' about it where you can start judging. Lets hope were sitting pretty by then, ready to make a push next year, and look in a favourable position for our loanees to wanna stay a while longer.....I still honestly believe we CAN get promotion. But the next month or so is absolutley critical... But so far the only match Ive been to where I came away very frustrated was the QPR match, Birmingham we were excellent and Wolves was a great night. Lets give the Donny a good thrashing and the corner could well be turned!(or come 5pm I''ll be crying into my pint....)

  2. He must stay, he was the major influence in keeping NCFC up last season, and in getting in players of very high quality on no money at all. But I feel with all the problems off the pitch, and with us losing 1-0 at half time in this ''must win'' game in Roeders view, he will leave if we don''t get that win.I hope that A) they DO winB) im wrong if they don''t.
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