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  1. Agree with Evil Monkey completely. Personally I see this as a bad day for the club.Good luck Glenn Roeder
  2. He lost the fans, not the dressing room. The same fans who turn on just about anybody associated with this club.We''re in the sh*t. Who on earth would want to come here now? No money, some of the most fickle supporters in the country, a useless board...I foresee dark dark days ahead.
  3. In answer to the threads question - a big NO. In fact I''d say we are more likely to go down now.No money, so Cureton has to be recalled.... say what you want about Roeder, but he knew as well as most norwich fans - Cureton is hopeless.Expect to see more loans.This time in 15 months the next manager will have been sacked after the fans got on his back.We''ll be in league one next year.A very bad day for NCFC, even though most can''t see it. The board needed to go first if Roeder were to go.
  4. I have to say, reading through this message board and the RoederOut website, the hatred just oozes from some of the postings. Passion for our club and team yes, criticism of players, the manager, board yes. But the amount of bile and hatred poured forth on here is just horrible. And it was the same with Worthington and Grant. They too were ''destroying'' our club and had to go. And when Roeder is driven out, the next manager will be accused of just the same, with just the same hatred, a few months down the line. This isn''t an opinion on Roeder either way - that''s for other threads. Is this what we follow football for? It reminds me of the 80s when passion spills over into something much more ugly. Spot on, maybe it''s actually the fans destroying the club - at the moment they seem the worst thing about it. Now its turned to ''If you don''t hate Roeder you''re not in our club'' The majority of ''fans'', especially on here, are pretty pathetic.
  5. A great move by GR, Grounds sure did shore up the defence before he had to go back, albeit not with Docerty. I can see the 2 having a good partnership though.Well done on a good signing - I think we''ll end up with him for the season unless ''Boro get short at the back again.
  6. I agree - keep him in. No point changing things.
  7. "Keeping faith with Worthington, appointing Grant and appointing Roeder: it''s been a spectacular hat-trick of poor decision-making."Absolute utter rubbish. We would be in league one now if they hadn''t have appointed Roeder! Okay, this season he has made errors in picking the best 11, has favourites which is very frustrating, and upsets some fans by putting them in their places - but like it or not, we''d be in much, much deeper trouble now if we had not have had him last year.
  8. Of course the people cleared out by Roeder don''t like him! They weren''t good enough, he got rid of them and they are bitter!
  9. ''we are rubbish'' - all the results I have posted are obtainable, someones already mentioned Reading will be most likely promoted by then, and we have already shown what a force we are against the top teams at home. Cardiff are nothing to fear, and with SUPPORT I beleive our home form will dig us out of this mess whilst picking up the odd few points on the road.Your username says it all about you really, doesn''t it.
  10. Sat Jan 10 Sheffield United A   0  Sat Jan 17 Barnsley H   3  Tue Jan 27 Southampton (7.45pm) H    3 Fri Jan 30 Doncaster Rovers (7.45pm) A    3 Tue Feb 3 Wolves (7.45pm) A    0 Sat Feb 7 Bristol City H    0 Sat Feb 14 Preston North End A    1 Sat Feb 21 Burnley H    1 Sat Feb 28 Coventry City H    3 Tue Mar 3 Queens Park Rangers (8pm) A    1 Sat Mar 7 Blackpool A    1 Tue Mar 10 Cardiff City (7.45pm) H    3 Sat Mar 14 Plymouth Argyle H    1 Sat Mar 21 Birmingham City A    0 Sat Apr 4 Sheffield Wednesday H    1 Sat Apr 11 Swansea City A    1 Mon Apr 13 Watford (7.45pm) H   3  Sun Apr 19 Ipswich Town (12.45pm) A    0 Sat Apr 25 Reading H   3 Sun May 3 Charlton Athletic A    1
  11. Lock him up if he is guilty and make him an example to the rest of them!
  12. It gets even better!!! Now some dimwits on here are saying Grant is a better manager for us that Roeder!?!?!?I think I''ve heard it all now, why oh why are NCFC fans becoming such a joke???? The vast majority of you are totally clueless, think we have some divine right to be in the premiership playing wonderful football, when all realists know that those days are long gone. Even clubs who have been a solid fixture in the premier league before are worse off than us (Charlton for example) - would you rather be in their shoes??I get totally fed up of listening to morons in the Carrow Road stands week after week - thinking they know everything - ''he''s s**t, he''s useless, he shouldn''t be wearing the shirt, roeders s**t'' etc etc. Get behind the team, the manager, the club - cheer like we did in the promotion season and in the premiership - lets make Carrow Road a fortress again even if we struggle away from home! We have the players, we have the ability and, yes, we have the manager! Go on a decent run from now until april and we can still even make the top 6!!! We show we can play well, we show we have the squad to take it to any team. Roeder has laid good foundations, but he is human, and is probably getting rather tired of ''know it alls'' voicing thier flawed opinions... LET HIM DO HIS JOB!I''m sure the vast majority will disagree with me, continue to boo and pile pressure on the club, which will result in a new manager and we look back in 15 months and say even Roeder was better than X.....Fickle lot we''ve become.
  13. This is a joke the only person to blame for Cureton''s poor form in my eyes is the Crowd at Carrow Road who get on his back as soon as he steps on the pitch or makes a mistake.Exactly. Booing him off and onto the field hardly does a lot for a mans confidence does it.Roeders right - most of you haven''t a clue.
  14. It wasn''t an attempt at winding anyone up Rudolph, if anything, I''ve wound myself up. I''ve seen many highs as a supporter, and now am seeing a period of lows. How is chanting and booing Roeder and his team going to help matters. If someone came on a message board and said they could do my job better than me, I''d be inclined to react exactly how GR did.But, I guess as we''re from Norfolk, we don''t like people disagreeing with us, because we know everything there is to know about the world and all its issues, right?
  15. So, you''re all applying for the job if he leaves then are you? Good luck with some of your spelling!!He is right when he says the team are humans - humans have off days. So, we''ve had more than our fair share so far this season - but we''ll be fine come May. The players know what trouble they''re in, no one wants to be in this position. Turning on Roeder will certainly not help matters. Fair enough, the stats don''t lie but I still believe he is potentially the best manager we could have for a long time.If some of you will not renew your season tickets because of him, well that''s petty, and great for me! I have been waiting for one for a while! So do it! Go support Chelsea or Man U??? Meanwhile I''ll be getting to the ground on time for the Barnsley match, not 5 minutes late as was suggested in another thread, cheering my team and supporting the club.Not booing or chanting Roeder out, as suggested in another thread.  If the grounds half empty, then it''s because football fans DON''T know what they''re talking about - and that would then prove Glenn Roeder very very right.
  16. Semmy was better today than Bertrand, who looked like he was struggling for his composure and Hoolahan, who was still too easy to brush off the ball when he tried to take it on too much. But in reality, how can we be down on any of them today???
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