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  1. I said it on the day he was sacked - ''thats it, we''re down''Totally agree, and have said before about the Cueton vs lupoli/bell and Omozusi v ostemebor sagas. Totally baffling decisions. Tactically we are worse than before, mr nice guy never wins anything. I personally liked the fact Roeder was arrogant - something this club needed, putting people in their place. He was the manager and saved us from the impossible just a year ago.I still say the board should grovel back to him!

  2. January 16th saw the board make a bold decision to sack the current manager. The only point in doing this was if they then employed someone better, or at least capable of helping the club beat the drop.Instead they employed someone woth zero experience to help sell season tickets. I''m starting to think we paid Barnsley to let us win ... (!)It was on that day that the club were effectively relegated. Just how are they going to get out of this. Looking at the remaining games we could up with just another few draws. Gunn and his ''legends; team are totally hopeless - why bring back a  proven bag of shit in Cureton, bring in average loan players but not bother to ever use them, preffering the exact same players that lost Roeder his job.Ive said a lot of stuff like this before on this board, but blind supporters on here will blame Roeder no matter what. Well, where are we now under Gunn. In the bottom 2, 4 points adrift of safety - by far our worst position since when Roeder came and miraculously saved us last year.I wish we had never got Roeder - not for the reasons most of you idiots have, but no one else would have saved us last year - and this major major dissapointment im feeling would have been nearly a whole year ago now. I honestly think today was my last visit to Carrow Road for a long time.

  3. It''s only taken 6 games, but already people are actually umming and arring about whether sacking Roeder was right. Of course it wasnt. The board were hoping for season ticket sales, a ''honeymoon period'' and it hasnt come. Now we have a manager with NO experience, when we need it most. Roeder saved us last year - from a much worse position. If only they didnt sack him, or had the balls to grovel and get him back...Im so dissapointed with this season, and Roeder getting sacked topped it off  at the time - but now we''re in the bottom 3, with everyone else having games in hand over us. Yes, the season doesnt end in february, but theyre gonna have to pull off something VERY special now to escape the clutches of the third tier.

  4. 5 games without a win.The squad looks weaker in areas since Gunn took charge (defence particularly) Some of the teams I thought would begin to pick up form (Doncaster were always playing well, now theyve found out how to win matches) are doing so, and leaving us trailingThe re-appointment of Shackell and Cureton will cost us very dear. Both are very poor. Omozusi and Grounds are far better at CB than Shackell... yet its him who is back playing there. Baffling.The loss of Omozusi, when Osts is in the worst form of his life - means no backup at right back. The midfield is horrendous. Gunn has tried playing Bertrand on the wing, Fotheringham walks back in every chance he gets, no Pattison, Carney barely used yet.Only 3 players in the SQUAD look any good at the moment 2 of Roeders signings - Cort, Clingan, and the ever reliable Doc. Maybe you can add Croft to that list as well.The sad thing is I remember back at the Birmingham game, the Ipswich game and the Wolves game and I thought we were awesome, I couldnt stop smiling the whole way home - ''what a team'' I thought - a solid base to start making a surge up the table and compete for promotion!Look at the mess we''re in now. I think we MUST be among the favourites to go down. We are awful.

  5. Clearly, and quite obviously, it hasn''t.I am in no way having a go at Gunn or his team, by the way, but they have continued exactly where Roeder left off. Loan signings, a very leaky defence, losing at home to teams we all feel we should be getting results from, raising their game against the bigger boys of the division.So what really was the point of the managerial swap? Cureton has missed more chances than he''s scored - easy chances - Roeder shipped him out for exactly that reason... now look whats happened - he''s back and cost us 2 wins.Roeder decided NOT to sign Gow, because he felt his attitude stank. At the time THIS VERY FORUM posted comments such as ''we dont want him''... Gunn signs him and suddenly Gows a great guy...Roeders hands were tied and HAD to rely on the loan market, signing some good players. But the pink un slated him for it. Gunn HAS to do the same but thats okay.Tommy Wright, praised by so many on here, has now left...NCFC are now paying GR for sitting at home, stress free, out of work - probably very glad to be out of our shambles of a club. I called the NCFC fans fickle a couple of months ago on here - of course a lot of you jumped down my throat - but the last month proves me right.I still reckon that under Roeders experienced management we would have got out of the relegation mess we''re in. Now i''m not so sure. And I''m starting not to care. Carrow road is a joke. The people around me yesterday were absolutely clueless... I must have missed their tenure as England manager!

  6. Okay, the results have been awful, its been very frustrating lately, and last night was a bleak one....But, Roeder should not have been sacked in my opinion.They should have changed his job title and brought in a head coach - with Roeder as director of football - his contacts and scouting abilities would have still been used (Evans, Grounds, Bates to name just a few younger, but quality players he''s picked out) but obviously his man management was letting him down.I honestly believe we will be worse without him at the club - despite what everyone thinks of him personally.

  7. Good call - I think we will go down now, so this kind of foresight will be needed. The board have wasted more money by sacking GR.I know most were against Roeders loans, but without his contacts we wont be seeing the likes and quality of Grounds, Omozusi & Lupoli for a long long time at Carrow Road.Wouldn''t surprise me if Dejan left now as well.When relegated we will lose Croft, Bell, Hoolahan (not much of a loss admitedly), Clingan, Marshall and probably even the Doc. All regarded by most here as our best players ''we own''I look forward to watching a team of nobodies next season.... thanks Board!
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