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  1. Him and Askou CB pairing please. Alnwick will have to come in (obvious - if this doesnt happen then Gunns even worse than we already think), Drury still looks rubbish and the less siad about Ostemebor the better. A new back 5 and lets pretend today never happened.McDonald to start every match - his passion and fight was the one highlight. He should have been Man of the Match, despite only being on for half hour or so.Holt will be okay, the midfield needs to get their acts together, be stronger, pass and move forward - but the whole of the back 5 we saw today - lets, please for the sake of NCFC, never see them again.

  2.         Theoklitos

    Spillane     Askou               Stefanovic          Wiggins

           Tudur-jones         Hughes                  Whaley


                         Holt                    Maric







    Nelson/ Doc

    Gill / McVeigh

  3. Maybe ''coloured'' is the wrong term these days, but I still find it hard to see it as racist. I always saw the term used when people were trying to be polite about saying ''black'' - and thats why its looked upon as offensive?Anyway - yeah a pacy winger and we''re more than set. Im a big critic of Gunn at managers level - but his signings seem ok for this league. Lets hope he has the tactics and selection to go with it and we can have a decent season.

  4. I said on the day he was sacked we''d be relegated. THE decision by the board that relegated NCFC this year. Yes, Roeder lacked tact, its true, and maybe as brought up earlier in this thread it was something to do with his prior treatment by the fans. He shouldnt have brought that attitude to this club - fair enough. But he is a football manager. Gunn isn''t and is unlikely to ever be one.

  5. Original poster spot on - we are relegated because the board bowed to the whims of many idiotic fans who can''t handle someone telling them they are wrong. So what if you didnt like roeder - youre protests against him forced the board into lunacy. Now you, the fans, will pay with life in the lower leagues. Pathetic excuse for supporters.Ban me, I don''t care, if Roeder were to be sacked then why appoint some Norwich ''Legend'' bum boy just to keep you parasites happy. Gunn and the fans arel sickophants, and the Gunn is leeching off all of you, he wanted to be back in the spotlight. Well, heres news for you Gunn, you were NEVER up to the job. Youre signings were absolute rubbish, your tactics and selections - horrendous. And one night where you still had a chance - tonight - you let it all slip away.Fair enough, the shitheads down the road have the luxury of a lot of money - but they sign a manager who at least has the experience of getting an underperforming team playing and getting promoted. NCFC is nothing more than a rotten core, a disgrace. I''m sick of my team being losers. Everyone associated with the club are losers. How much longer are you all going to put up with it?

  6. ... Roeder wasn''t sacked.I don''t care what the rest of you think, or think you know. Roeder disliked the fans for a reason. We werent in the bottom 3 all season until ''Legend'' Bryan Gunn comes along. Playing legend doesnt mean he can be a managerial legend. This club is pathetic. Posh will be in a tier above us next year and it was only a couple of years ago I was going to their matches for a laugh to see what lower league football was like.Hope you''re all suitably depressed - NCFC will be stuck in the lower depths of english football for a long, long time. And its been coming since January 16th 2009.

  7. But for the club he should now accept that he can''t save us.I''m not saying he isnt a legend. He is. But all this is doing is tarnishing all the great memories. Gunn at this rate will be remembered as the manager who took us down to the third tier.

  8. I agree. May as well put him out of his misery now and get rid. He is hopeless and its a shame, as it has already tarnished his reputation.As to who comes in... it HAS to be an arse kicker. Give these players a right good rollicking and hopefully get a few performances of steel and determination out of them.Or alternatively beg Glenn to come back until the end of the season. Hes saved us once before from a similar plight. What a hero.
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