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  1. Why is everyone lauding up Shakespeare? He was with Smith when he got sacked.
  2. Judging by this board, I suspect the fans will turn quickly if he doesn't get the results. Just doesn't see like an appointment for the longer term.
  3. I don't rate Kenny because he regularly gives the ball away or is easily dispossessed.
  4. Don't think Smith and Lampard are an improvement on Farke. Knutsen don't know too much about but I like the fact that he appears to have instilled a culture and way of playing that has been successful in Europe. That suggests to me that he would be a better fit for Norwich and a development on the culture that Farke had instilled in the Club.
  5. No - not for the first time. Dowell hasn't either. Both will be luck to stay on when the subs come on at 70 mins. Rupp or Gilmour for McLean and Gilmour or Tzolis for Dowell.
  6. Williams awesome rum there. Pukki ... poor finish. They go up the other end and score. Looks offside though.
  7. Pity about Hanley. I think its only him and Normann have shown that they deserve to be in the team this season. The rest haven't performed well enough at this level to warrant a starting place. I think Farke plays people who run about in training like McLean and Sargent but neither really have any quality. Perhaps that's why Sorenson isn't getting a start.
  8. They are just much livelier than us. We want time on the ball that just isn't there. They look way more fitter than us and we didn't play mid week. 2-0 ... So much for sorting out the defence!
  9. Normanm has been influential. Hope he can last the game out. The other two midfielders ... meh!
  10. Well we clearly need one. Perhaps we should replace the Soccerbot with a defensive coach.
  11. A coach to work on defending would be my preferred option. However, this only works if Farke takes a back seat on defensive tactics and I don't think his ego will allow that. He seems pretty stubborn to me but the defensive problems and individual mistakes have been there throughout Farke's reign.
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