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  1. Oh... and we can't defend corners either. Bring on the kids. At least they provide some hope.
  2. I just don't get what our style of play is now, under DS. Its not built around defensive strength, we don't play short passing triangles to cut through the opposition and we don't seem to have any cohesion up front. Very few chances being created. It's all a bit... meh!
  3. Leeds are way more up for this than we are. They are fighting for every ball... we are not.
  4. How the hell is that not a free kick. Clearly handled outside the box.
  5. McLean. Yeah its because he's a busy player and appears to do more than he actually is. Just an average player IMO.
  6. Good to see that we are competitive. Let's hope we can keep it going and hopeful nick a goal on the break.
  7. I am anticipating men versus boys and that midfield will be completely overrun. Just not physical enough for this league, despite Webber claims during the summer that our squad would be more physical and competitive this time around... bullish!t.
  8. Powder puff effort from McLean there after good work from Williams and Rashica. I guess it counts as a shot on target.
  9. Yep. Dire performance so far. Being outplayed in all areas of the pitch.
  10. Makes sense if we are still interested in the right back rumoured earlier. https://www.pinkun.com/sport/norwich-city/ncfc-transfer-rumours-right-back-being-monitored-8591862
  11. This is sad. We are so disappointing. Completely out of our league. So different from last year. Big mistake not spending big on a CDM, early in the window and a 20 mil replacement for Buendia, rather than bang average journeymen.
  12. Good first half. The midfield and defence is doing well. We need to hold the ball up better at the front.
  13. Desperately need a DM. We needed that in the Summer but the so-called "wait" for Skipp has been a nail in our coffin. Should have been the first position filled in the Summer.
  14. 1st and third goals, we couldn't get a block or foot in. Poor defending again. Disappointing,
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