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  1. Seems we are playing a diamond with two up front but who is going to deliver the balls into the box for the two forwards. I guess the plan is that we hope to boss possession, allowing the full backs to deliver the crosses.
  2. Sarr V Aarons. Ooh I wonder who will win? Nobsurprise that their goals have come from crosses froml their left. SARGENT ON FIRE. GR8 FINISH
  3. Pukki is having a shocker today! Looks slow on the ball and his finishing has been poor. Can't hit the barn door.
  4. Why are we so sloppy in possession. It's been going on for years! So frustrating!
  5. I would like to see 4-5-1 with Sargent up top and Pukki playing a link up, number 10 role behind him. I don't think either should be on the wing.
  6. This is an awful game. Very little quality in either side.
  7. Sack the set piece coach. Byram and McLean marking one player?
  8. No coverage for games; it cuts out once the game starts. You would have to buy the audio pass.
  9. He also said the first goal was unlucky and once in a season.... but Grant... those errors have been happening every week.
  10. Positives from today and hope for the future. Nunez, Gibbs, Ramsey and Hernandez. The rest.. meh!
  11. Sack this set piece coach as well. We create nothing and we are still conceding from them.
  12. This is very similar to last season. Give away easy goals and can't score. With the exception of the last effort from Pukki, all of our efforts have been powder puff shots straight at the keeper.
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