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  1. After going through all the possible teams in league 1 next season we should be looking at finishing in the top 6 at the very least. Ideally we would like Leeds to go up out of the 4 in the playoffs.
  2. Would be worth a shout if he is available at a decent price. One of the few loan players who did care. Could be a good player to have around for the youngsters. He stirs the crowd too.
  3. Not his biggest fan, but would have done a good job. Could be handy in league 1 if he stays.
  4. Having got back from today''s game and had a chance to take everything in, I could not believe the disgraceful performance that was put on for us fans today. Fair enough it wasn''t in our hands, but we could have done our job at the very last. Players were playing for their future today and I sincerely hope that most of the players who played today, do not wear the yellow shirt again. There was no passion, no commitment, no desire. Several things have been brought to my attention, with Gunn mentioning that the players didn''t have a go like he asked them. Is this telling us something? Secondly I hope that there are major changes from this board meeting on Wednesday and not a typical ''the fans are unhappy so we better make it looklike we are trying to do something about the situation and then carry on as normal.'' I feel let down and cheated by both the players and the board. The effort on display today was shocking, I laughed with my mates saying they would struggle to beat Wroxham! The board have made major mistakes in various appointments and continue to show a lack of ambition. Having said that, Preston have hardly spent yet they are now in the playoffs. It goes to show that with the right personnel in place, success can be achieved. Hopefully we can use this as the kick up the backside that we have needed for several seasons. We would have struggled in the Championship next season with the teams coming down from the Premiership and the teams coming up from league 1, so today has confirmed the inevitable. We can have a proper clearout and start from scratch. Cody could play a big part next season as could Korey Smith, both of whom gave their all today. I would like to see Alan lee signed permanently as him and Cody could form a good partnership next season with Chris Martin coming back too. Again we will have to wait until Wednesday to see what decisions are made. The odds of us didn''t look good from the start with the lineup which was in place. I presume Bertrand was injured, but could nt get my head around Shackell at left back. Why not go for 3 at the back, we needed to attack! That has been our downfall over the pst couple of seasons, inconsistent team selections and players constantly being played out of position. I want Gunny to do well here, but I feel today he got it wrong and the board need to decide on someone who can take our club back to where we belong! 
  5. Would be a good shout, he has been banging them in for fun lately. Where are the stories from?
  6. I think Marshall was fouled, although will have to wait for the championship in the morning to see it again. However for Gunn to say his nose was bleeding suggests that there was definitely an infringement. He however did look shaky at crosses but did make a good save from the header at the end. Semi and Bertrand were very solid as were Shacks and Doc. Gow looked good on the ball, but seemed to have a free role and wasn''t tracking back and sometimes had floated over to the opposite wing leaving the fullbacks exposed. Clingan was everywhere, especially covering for Gow in the second half and scored a brilliant free kick. Lappin was neat and tidy but we seemed to lack a physical presence in the middle of the park, but credit to him after his exile. Carney, I thought was our weakest outfield player, lacks pace and seemed hesitant at times. Mooney and Lee put in a solid shift up top, although I feel that Lee should have been brought off for Cody when his legs went, but as we had our backs to the wall I think Gunny wanted someone to hold up the ball and also for defending set pieces.
  7. A very poor turnout considering their league position. Although after seeing them play, I can''t understand how they are in their position.
  8. Hi eastendyellow. Welcome to the board. I did the same, browse for years and then bit the bullet! Regarding Crofty, I was unable to go to the game because I''m a student at Derby Uni but managed to listen to the game. Yet again it sounded like he was our main threat and it has been the case most of the season, especially the games I have been able to get to. I just hope we can tie him down to a new contract. Gunn has mentioned on the bbc site that he is confident of keeping him.
  9. There is definitely something there for Crook. Totally agree that Gunn will move back upstairs again. Wouldn''t be surprised to see Chippy''s best mate Bowen back in some capacity, providing him and Hughes get sacked at Man City.
  10. Just checked the line up for today on the bbc site and game across an interesting pre-match interview with Gunny. "Whether it''s somebody missing chances, or somebody should have made a clearance there''s a lot of honesty coming out and people holding hands up. Maybe they wouldn''t have done that before in fear of what would happen, what backlash would come back." Shows again that Gunn hasthe support of the players unlike Roeder, who is a fear manager.
  11. Any ideas for the starting line up tomorrow? I believe Gunny and co have got several tough decisions to make. Will they start Hoolahan or carney on the left, or play both with Hooly just behind a lone forward, maybe Cort. However this could be too negative as it is a game that we must win especially with Watford, Charlton and Saints not playing. It is a chance for us to pull clear from the bottom 3, all be it with them having games in hand. But I''d rather have the points on the board at this stage of the season. Another change could be Grounds at the back with Leijer. Other possible changes are the return of Fotheringham and whether to play Curo. I think Gunn could be tempted to start Gow instead and i hope the midfield combination is Rusty and Clingan! One thing I have liked about Gunn is his insistance on playing a settled side unlike Rodent. However it will be interesting to see who is lining up at 3 o''clock tomorrow.
  12. I agree Jas. I have just mentioned something similar on the post regarding David Carney. I have a feeling Bowen may end up alongside him too if he finds himself out of work.
  13. I agree. I believe Croft will sign a new contract soon. I think Carney could join in the summer if the loan goes well as he has the Crook connection. regarding Crook I feel that there is something in the pipeline, as he would not uproot his family in Australia to come back for 6 months. I wouldn''t be surprised to see him and Bowen in some capacity, as they were supposed to be best buddies, if the Man City board decide to get rid of him and Sparky.
  14. Although Gunny has said himself he is looking to buy, I fear that could well be the case. I watched Taylor play recently against Cardiff I believe and as much as i like the bloke, he looked very shaky. I have also always liked the look of Adam Barrett at Southend. I would much rather we take the lower league option and even the non-league route too. Not excessively though, but it has been proven over the past few seasons that there are some decent players in the lower leagues. I think with Deehan also working as a Director of Football at Lincoln before he went to brum, he would use this to help pluck out some targets.
  15. We can hope at least! I''ve always rated the guy, and even at 31 could do a solid job for us. It''s getting to the stage where I''d nearly accept anyone at the back, minus Mr Shambles.
  16. Hey guys. Just stumbled upon some disappointing news. Firstly cardiff have had a bid accepted for Chris Porter, who I would love to see in the Norwich shirt. Secondly, Cardiff have confirmed that Darren Purse will not be allowed to leave them during the transfer window. So the search for that elusive centre half continues. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/m/motherwell/7858094.stm
  17. The main reason I think is down to the radius from where you can recruit players from. The likes of Llewellyn, Bellamy, Eadie and Johnson all came from Wales and Bristol but we are unable to recruit from these areas now, one of the disadvantages of being stuck out on the limb! I think the tactic zone might be starting to pay dividends because obviously it wasn''t going to be a quick fix, but it has been in operation for several seasons now and i think that at least 4 of the current under 18''s side have a decent chance of making it. As Roeder said the other day, the last Norfolk born footballer to come through the academy was Danny Mills, maybe we need to improve from a grass roots level, starting at Sunday league?
  18. Hi all! I''ve been reading this forum for the past 5 or 6 years and finally took the plunge to sign up and join! The youth academy has been a largely talked about issue over the past few seasons and as Green was the last player to make the big time that we have produced it has come under large scrutiny. I am good friends with Bally Smart and he was unlucky not to be given more of a chance, however I feel from what I have seen of the youngsters this season and towards the end of last season, it appears that there is a solid crop slowly emerging. Whether they get the chance to show what they are capable of remains to be seen.
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