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  1. I hope he is wrong, but have spoken to a mate from uni who is a Swansea fan and he said he was surprised someone took him off their hands. He said he was a useful squad player, nothing more than that and most swans fans didnt rate him! Sounds like another fozzy to me unfortunately! But like I said I really hope he is wrong.
  2. I agree. Could be the difference between a chance of going up (depending on the players signed) or a mid table finish.
  3. I am fed up of all the sob stories which are coming out of our football club. Firstly we get told that the club are unable to sign Alan lee and that the transfer budget will be limited. Now with the proposal in place to match us penny for penny is a joke, that money should be put in regardless. I am fed up with hearing the term undisclosed fee with Norwich City, every transfer that is ever associated with our club is never disclosed. We constantly get lied to, never know where that transfer money ends up, apart from Doncaster''s back pocket! At least we don''t have that problem anymore! The club offered the rebate to attract more season ticket holders, they should be happy that they have 18,000 as Hull seem happy to have that figure for next season and West Brom seem happy with their 16,000. Yet both clubs will be playing in a higher league than us next season! The board have dug themselves a hole, don''t give them the easy option, let them dig themselves out!
  4. Lets hope they can appoint a good manager and try and bounce straight back up, Tommy Taylor isn''t at Boston anymore, wouldn''t be surprised if he rejoined.
  5. That is Wycombe''s cup final sorted for next season then! Let''s hope we relegate them on the last day of the season at Carrow Road to shut him up!
  6. I have always liked the look of Sodje too. Dean Morgan was also released by Luton, not sure if he would be worth a punt.
  7. Apologies, didn''t see the post further down!
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/r/reading/8052913.stm If only we had stayed up there are several players who would have added to our squad. Would Hahnemann and Murty be prepared to drop a league?
  9. Lee Hughes has been released by Oldham, Southampton have let Ryan Smith go and aren''t renewing wright-Phillips'' contract.
  10. I want him to do well, I was just highlighting what happened there and hope it doesn''t happen to Gunny.
  11. I fear for Gunny that the same will happen to him as what happened to Dean Glover at Port Vale. A legend to them as a player, appoined manager to replace Lee Sinnott and only scraped to safety despite 3 teams being deducted a hefty amount of points. It got so bad that the police had to escort him out of the ground and his son who plays for Vale got booed every game.
  12. I feel worried to be honest. Appointing a rookie manager on a shoestring budget will end in disaster. We needed a wheeler dealer who knows the lower leagues and has managed in the lower leagues. Not somebody who has watched a few League One games at the start of the season. The board have shown they haven''t learned from their mistakes and appointed another rookie manager.  Thats the most worrying thing from today. Mistakes will continue to be repeated and lessons will not be learned. The board are old, stubborn and completely out of touch with modern football. Their belief that passion, desire and commitment are prerequisites to managing a football team are wrong. They have failed to understand that football is a game where tactics, team selection and player recruitment are the single most important attributes of any good manager. Totally agree! It is going to be a long season I feel. As much as I want to give him a chance again I cannot see it working!
  13. Surprised anyone wanted a keeper that can''t kick, talk or have any command of his area!
  14. Scots tend to make good managers though. Lets hope Gunn can follow the trend.
  15. Lee Hughes amongst 5 released by Oldham. Don''t like the guy for what he did but scores goals for fun. Scored 25 in 51 games for Oldham.
  16. Peterborough have transfer listed 12 players. From the list Mark Tyler, Scott Rendell and Shane Blackett seem like players worth a punt. Shame we didn''t go in for Tommy Rowe
  17. Pawel Abbott is a good shout for league 1
  18.  Another little point, jon otsembor has been shit this season, but he looked ok in the last 20min at charlton, i think he would make a good CB.   Do not agree with this at all. His defending is the worst part of his game so would be a complete liability at centre back. The amount of times teams have sliced him open this season is unreal. I don''t think he will be here next season. As for Alan Lee, he is the sort of player we need in league 1, a battering ram. We are entering a physical league so he would be the perfect starting point of what promises to be a busy summer.
  19. * The cash injection will be needed for if/when we bounce back to give us a chance of competing in the Championship.
  20. I really hope this ''takeover'' happens. Going through the potential championship teams next season, we would have struggled. Ipswich will be strong, the 3 who don''t go up through the playoffs, Cardiff, Swansea, the bottom 3 of the prem if they stay the same, Derby, Forest if they get the £20 million they are promised, Bristol City, Coventry, QPR with their cash, Leicester, Leeds if they come up and possibly Wednesday if they build on this season and Peterborough and Doncaster. That is 19/24 teams that could potentially be battling at the top end of the table.
  21. I know other posts are suggesting about future transfer targets, but we can now scour the lower leagues for rough diamonds and polish them. I know finances may be an issue, but we will have the pulling power for young lower league players with 18,000 fans guaranteed every home game. The same names always get mentioned such as Rickie Lambert and Simon Cox, we won''t be able to afford these. Players to potentially target could be; Neil Eardley from Oldham, Chris Taylor from Oldham, Mitchell Cole and Steve Morrison Stevenage, Adam Barrett, Peter Clarke, Anthony Grant Southend, Mark Yeates Colchester, Troy Deeney Walsall, Albert Adomah Barnet, Joe Anyon Port Vale has a broken leg atm. These are just a few who haven''t been discussed. Anymore gems to snap up?
  22. Forgot to mention Cureton. If the current management team stays he will go like Pattison. If a new manager is appointed they may be given a chance in league 1.
  23. This is the ideal opportunity to start afresh now. We have needed a proper clearout for the past 3 seasons now, but we have the opportunity to do so now. In previous seasons we have had to keep certain players to compete at championship level, but now we can rebuild and attack league 1. I think Marshall, Semi, Drury, Pattison, Croft and unfortunately Clingan have all played their last game for us out of our few contracted players. Hoolahan I feel is 50/50 and really hope Sammy stays.
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