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  1. Sent you a message gingerpele.
  2. Or show interest on here and I will PM you. It can be how often you like about whatever you like.
  3. Hi guys, Is anyone interested in doing a blog on Norwich throughout the season? Feel free to PM me.   Cheers
  4. Interactive as in competition with other users.
  5. I would like some interactive features.
  6. If you could have anything you wanted on this website, what would you have?
  7. Oops I mean.. It looks like a great blog I for one will DEFINATELY be posting on this AMAZING site. Urgh!
  8. Would love to help out with a blog too.
  9. [quote user="When Saturday Comes"]Looked very good when he played at Carrow Road at the end of the season (for whoever it was, he was on loan somewhere?!)[/quote] That was Perkins that went out on loan to Stockport.
  10. I believe that it could be me that you are referring too. For the record the ''terrible'' stems from banter between me and my mates who I sit with. It started at Leicester when we won 2-1 when Worthy took charge of Leicester. Shackell had played a long diagonal ball straight to the opposition, there was a silence and my mate yelled, ''Shackell, that is a terrible ball!'' So ever since that game, it has stuck amongst us and it has become a phrase since. The way it is used is not aimed at the team and current performances, it is just a private joke so do not take it literally!
  11. This was suggested before, to organise a collection for King''s Lynn before the Oldham game on Saturday but it would have been too late. However now that they have been given a 7 day extension, I think it would be a great idea to go ahead with this now. Would anybody be interested?
  12. Sorry, but this guy is an absolute disgrace. It sums up the previous regime at the club. Nelson gets turned far too easily, at fault for the second goal and the build up which led to the corner for the third goal. He got skinned far too easily in the first half and put in a half hearted challenge, similar to the one vs Colchester. This proves that Doc and Nelson CANNOT play together. We are a passing team and Nelson is a long ball merchant.
  13. Gary Holt was also in the Jarrold stand.
  14. They told me that night that they were going on trial at other clubs whilst we were playing in Scotland. Decisions will be made after tonights game. They want to play for us, so hopefully we will give them a contract!
  15. You could see his quality the other night, albeit vs Fakenham. Said he would be happy to play anywhere. His dad said he started as a forward and got converted to full back. Very composed, quick, strong, skillful, looked comfortable going forward and solid when he had to defend.
  16. I stayed after the game last night and managed to speak to both Troy and Takura. Both really nice lads and want to come here. Was very impressed by both of them. Spoke to their parents'' for the best part of half an hour. these two could both be well worth a contract.
  17. We haven''t quite had these signings that were promised by the BEGINNING of the week.
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