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  1. Hull have just rejected the 5 million offer for Hunt so doubt they buy Hoolihan anyway.
  2. Is there any news for a planned pitch inspection or are they confident the game will go ahead??
  3. Im getting the 9.30 so can get into colchester for pub opening time!
  4. Is the Norfolk within walking distance from the station then?? Would think we will head there then when we get off the train!
  5. Assuming and hoping that the game is going ahead on Saturday, does any one know where the best place for Norwich fans to have a few beers before the game is? Looked at the guide to away grounds and there is not really a pub near to the ground that will "welcome" away fans, so where will everyone be heading for a pre match beer? I am heading in on an early train and it would be good to have a few beers in the company of some other Norwich fans!
  6. EDP sais there will be over a 1000, I went to the ticket office sat to get my tickets but were told they had no adult tickets left and i have got to buy them tonight!
  7. Does any one know how many tickets we actually sold???
  8. Is any one going? I am going but herd somewhere they are only opening one stand? Not sure if that is just for home fans and we will still be in the usual away "stand" or will we all be in the one stand? Hopefully with the weather forecast as it is we will be in a diff stand so we will have some cover!!For anyone who went to the game last week is there any parking near the ground?
  9. I am still hopeful i will get to use my ticket for tomorrow! with a bit of luck they will be six or seven down by tonight!!
  10. Dont look like i will be using my ticket for the 5th day at this rate! Im hoping for an a bit of rain and an England win on monday!!
  11. The Lambert one is a good chant but was i the only one at Brentford who thought that when it was sung it did not really fit to the tune??
  12. I just phoned the ticket office and got three, although he did say that he only had four there. When i phoned up yesterday afternoon i was told that they did not have any at that moment but were waiting for some more to come from Brentford that would arrive today.
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