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  1. Didn’t we used to have a poster called ‘Jack Barak’, presumably named after one of the characters in the Shardlake books?
  2. Tombland is the best of the Shardlake novels so far. Set in Norfolk during Kett’s rebellion. Well worth a read.
  3. Hanley was marking the zone the ball was dropped into but was blocked off by Fabinho leaving VVD with an easy chance. Who’d have thought the European Champions would have come up with something like that!
  4. August 1957 and I was 9, City 3 Palace 2. Half time 0-0 then City in front, Palace scored twice to take the lead then 2 more for City to win the game! Johnny Gavin scored two of the City goals. Last season of the old 3rd division south. The year before we finished bottom and had to be re-elected (a formality back then). Blanket collections at half time to save the club. Pretty sure it was Barry Butler’s debut and might have been Archie Macauley’s first game in charge (where’s Ricardo when you need him?). I think it cost 9 old pence for kids and 2 bob for adults.
  5. The report says the stadium was valued at £41m in the accounts meaning a profit on the sale of £39m. This suggests that without the sale they would make a loss of £24.4m. This added to the previous losses totals £47m over 3 years, £8m above the allowed £39m. Creative accounting in action!
  6. Alan Hodgkinson. I think Hopkinson played for Bolton.
  7. It was Sandy Kennon’s debut In front of 38,000!
  8. Dylan, you might be right but i’d forgotten that. We played Cardiff in the 4th round the following week and I was at that game so sounds about right.
  9. From 1966 and we’re wearing shorts now! Tony Woolmer is included but look at the Leicester Reserve keeper!
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