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  1. Andy Hughes what can I say, 100% a Norwich player, who gives 100% for Norwich, not the best player in the world but he tries, is he worth his place in the team damn right he is, in my opion at times he is a better player than Drury, he get forward he can cross he can shoot, what more do you want from a full back ? You might think Iam a relative of his but Iam not.  What Iam is a supporter who gave him stick every time he touched the ball when he played in midfield, but not now he does get caught out of position once or twice a game but his commitment to Norwich is second to none[:P] definatly in my starting 11 !!
  2. I have known this bloke for a long while, I also went to school with him and he was a bit of a "Muppet" I still live near his Mum and Dad and he his yellow and green and so is his mum and dad, He also has a pot full of money and he is not all mouth, if he says he will do it, he will belive me. I to want him to tell us exactly what he intends to do and but some figures down on paper and let Delia decide. But don''t bad mouth someone who you do not know.
  3. The will been seen for the first time tomorrow night, at a fashion show at the club
  4. Just Been on the wba message board they seem to think that he is going to come to us[*-)]
  5. I agree with everthing you have written, he was absolute garbage, another glogger for worthy who can''t pass a ball, can''t tackle (well not fairly ref.nowland), and what a waste of 450k, 5 wins out of 6 covers up the cracks, fro worthy. nuf said I am going for a lie down.
  6. Hi Beverly I agree with most of what you say, I agree we have to get behind the team and Nigel and Delia, BUT even you have to agree with have been playing some c**p football since last season. We have not looked anything like we were the year before, and I can take you back to Crystal Palace at home on the first game of the season in the prem.  Where we made 5 changes from the team that got us there in the first place,I think the same team in that game that finished the last game in div 1 would have won us that game and the rest as they say may have been history, and it went down hill from there onwards, with a slight upwards turn towards the end of the season.  He has got rid of good players this season (edworthy, francis,jonson and helveg) and replaced them with nobodies imo.  Its was no surprise that Francis walked away but who has he replaced him with ????? At this moment in time we look a second rate team with a second rate manager.  But things can change and I hope they do.  I have seen the good times and the very bad times here and like you will be giving my vocal support to both the team and the manager on saturday as I always do.  But Nigel has understand that we as fans are not idiots who sit there and clap like morons however we play, we actually know a little bit about football, and should listen to us ocassionally.  Rant over I''m going for a lie down.
  7. Just read the a pink-un headline and it say that huckerby is suspended for 2 games and not as I thought 3 games for a straight red. If this is true he will be available for the scum game. Anybody no if this is true ???
  8. I agree but NW will not do this because that would say to everyone that he cocked it up when he released him last year noth said
  9. Can I just say that your stadium was rocking on Saturday, we were gutted to lose so late in the game but the atmosphere was superb. I been all over the country this year and with the exception of the great Carrow Road that is by far the best set of home fan I have heard for a long time. I wish that we could both stay up but alas 1 of us will have to go to the fizzy league.
  10. Good call Nobby Just booked 12 tickets very easy, lets hope we can fill it !!! and we have something to play for down there.
  11. Are you just after someone to talk too 2sheds, where would we be without hucks, he missed a good chance yesterday but who else in the team would have even got there to miss it, our team would be a much worse one without him.  If you do need someone to talk just ask instead of putting stupid posts like this one 
  12. Good post. I sat there last night when he said no disrespect to Norwich but we will play better team, and I thought you arrogant little S**t. We had just out passed and for long periods out played apparently one of the top 4 clubs in this league, all I can say is when they do play the "top" sides they won''t get many points so maybe they will be one of the clubs we are fighting for the relegation places, but after last night I fancy a mid table position for us. Bring on the Arsenal. otbc.
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