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  1. More atmosphere than the Preston game but still not great and thats no surprise considering the dross we''re being served up continually!   Board needs to go!   Roeder out!
  2. The financial position of the club shouldn''t be used as an excuse for our mediocrity cause at the end of the day most clubs in our League wouldn''t have NO financial hardships and I bet we''re still in a better position than most!   I''ve always said that things have gone wrong since Worty made too many bad decisions after getting promoted but Roeders bad decisions have made the situation very bad and we''ll be lucky to stay up the way things are going now!   The board have made some bad decisions and are now over the hill but they know all that but if noone comes forward to buy them out then we are stuck with them!   But I still think paying the best part of £1M now to get rid of Roeder will be cheaper than keeping him on too long cause then it''ll be too late and we''ll lose income through lack of crowds either by just scrambling to safety or geting relegated!   There are managers at lower league clubs who get crowds that would comfortably fit into the Jarold stand that do well on smaller budgets than ours, who aren''t obsessed with overated Premiership reserve players, knows of good players in the lower Leagues who''ll do a job for us similar to how Hull, Reading have and now Bristol City and Swansea are doing and would see coming to Norwich as the next step up the ladder not like Roeder who sees this as his last chance for a big payday..   I hate seeing this yearly change of manager situation cause its means the club isn''t doing well and one year we''ll get caught out and relegated but I''m afraid regardless of the money situation and the need for new owners, Roeder isn''t the man for the job, results and his actions prove that and we''re only going one way with him in charge!
  3. I haven''t considered that question but all I know is that the longer that Roeder stays the nearer this club will get to anarchy and almost certainly League 1!   Roeder talks a very good game but results prove he cannot match his arrogance in the real world!   In reality you cannot keep a results proven poor manager for too long cause the end result will be far worse. We have money problems but paying the best part of £1M to get rid of Roeder would be a far better investment than keeping him too long!   When he goes sacked or resigned which I think and sincerely hope will be before Xmas I''m sure there will be managers currently at smaller, lower League clubs who would love to come to a big club like us and would do a good job with limited funds. At the end of the day I don''t use the limited funds as excuse for our perilous situation cause I''d bet we''re still in a better position than most other football league clubs!
  4. [quote user="canariesaregods"] We''re where we are becuase it''s where we deserve to be, no point moaning about it. It seems to me a lot of you are getting caught up in the myth we ''deserve'' to be a premier league club - we have no right for anything you have to earn it. Fact is modern football holds no room for sentiment and large numbers of fans, money is where the game has gone and we don''t have any. We don''t have what it takes to play the modern game. Norwich city isn''t a big club, as soon as we realise that the sooner we can move on and progress. Get off the boards back, get off roeders back, back the players and support your team. Also the board can''t just resign for all you mugs ou there, who would take charge then? Norwich is a club like 71 others in the football league, with a loyal fanbase dreaming of trophies, there are only so many team who can be succesful so most will be disappointed, Norwich''s day will come, you just have to ride it out and support while times aren''t so good. [/quote]   And back in the real world! -   We certainly are where we deserve to be I''d agree with but the majority of your post is crap and like another poster suggests in all but words that you sound like a young fan whos been going for 10 years max and thinks they know it all!   If your satisfied with your club in a state of crisis, a board that isn''t now up to the job and yet another inept manager then your very blinkered and don''t remember when we were one of the Countries top clubs!   We last played in the 3rd tier of English football in 1960, so going back to that level after all these years would be disasterous and the club could be a long while getting back!   I''ll always go to home matches like I have for many years now becuase I''m a Norwich fan but I won''t support Roeder because he doesn''t deserve the support because he is not up to the job.   While I want the board out which is plainly obviously needed if the club is going to push forward again I won''t directly critiscise them cause they have put their money where there mouths are and invested in the club.   Things haven''t been right since the Premiership when Worthingtonmade too many bad decisions. Worthington then stayed a year too long. Then came the disasterous appointment of Grant and now Roeder is proving to be the wrong appointment!   Norwich City football club is a big club that has the potential to be one of the top 10 clubs in the Country.    
  5. [quote user="TCF"] [quote user="John Boubepo"] Worthington had his faults but was head and shoulders above both Grant and GR, both in terms of managerial skills and as a person. [/quote] Worthington was financially backed. Grant and GR were''nt. Dont overlook this. [/quote]   Grant spent money and Roeder has as well - Signing the run through a brick wall but largely headless chicken Pattison for £500,000 is a prime example!    Stefanovic cost an undisclosed fee, isn''t playing here for nothing and I bet some of the other loan players aren''t cheap either. Our wage bill is also allegedly in the top 12 in the Division. Robert Eagle is getting paid to do nothing casue he will never feature cause he isn''t good enough and Roeder admitted we''re still paying Archibald Henvilles wages even after hes gone back to Spurs!   While I agree there are cash constraints at Carrow Road this shouldn''t be used as an excuse cause most other clubs are probably worse off financially than us but yet still do better than us and Roeder has been given money but hasn''t used it greatly!
  6. Has favourites which doesn''t always include the teams better players!   Won''t always admit his mistakes of which there have been far too many!   Tinkers way too much - Constantly changing line ups and tactics rarely do well!   Seems unable to inspire the players instead often rubbing them and everyone else up the wrong way!   Not helped by the lack of funds at the clubs although that can''t be used as an excuse cause most clubs are in the same boat!   Seems obsessed by bringing in Premiership RESERVE players most of whom are no better than what we''ve already got.   Seems reluctant to look to the lower leagues where there are surely players who''d do a job for us.   Glen Roeder despite talking like you are Mr Wonderful Football you are in fact very inept and the sooner your out of this club the better!    
  7. Agree they need replacing!   Roeder has the club by the balls cause he knows we can''t afford to pay him off unless the board gets an influx or cash and/or taken over!   We''re in a horrible catch 22 situation which unless reamedied very quickly will probably result in relegation!
  8. I understand what you are feeling and most others would as well!   I''ve been to Malaysia, all over Europe and to over 90 grounds in this Country to watch Norwich City so I''ve been one of the more regulars but yet I''ve never been so dispondant ever before and my gut feeling is that if things don''t change and that means getting rid of the incapable Roeder then relegation is very likely and we''ll lose at least 4-5000 regular home supporters!
  9. Roeders inept and I think even if he had money he wouldn''t do much better!   Pattison I put in the same bracket as Croft - 110% for effort but 10% for actual quality and end product and couldn''t hit a barn door though he was unlucky with his shot yesterday!    
  10. Clingan has looked good amongst our shower of sh**e but isn''t a forward thinking midfielder, he is a holding one and a lot of our problems this season have been an indirectness when going forward!   Clingan like some of the other impressive players at the start of the season have now had their confidence shattered and are now struggling!
  11. Be honest the beginning of the end for the incompetant Roeder started in January when he started changing a winning team to accomodate rubbish loanees like Henry, Gibbs and to a lesser degree Pearce. We could of got in the play offs if we''d of signed Taylor and another decent player and kept a settled side!   Things will not get better until Roeder goes!   Roeder seems incapable of insprigin the team! The players confidence is shot to bits and good players who impressed early on like Stefanovic (now out anyway), Kennedy, Marshall, Russell have noticeably dropped their quality of performance. Unless changes are made to the management and then hopefully to the board we are staring League 1 in the face!
  12. While Worthy was undoubtedly our best manager since Mike Walkers first spell at the club in the early 90''s he stayed a year too long and it probably wouldn''t work out the 2nd time around much the same as Walkers 2nd spell with us!   Peter Grant was cr*p and despite all his talk so is Glen Roeder!   New board and new manager required ASAP!
  13. I think we need both the board and the manager out to ever get better!   But if no one comes in to takeover Delia and CO we have to stick with them but I wouldn''t slag them after all they''ve done for the club!   Also with our money situation sacking the incompetant Roeder is not an option financially!   BASICALLY WE''RE IN THE CR*P WITH RELEGATION LOOMING!
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