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  1. [quote user="andyc24_uk"]Yes - 1st or 2nd *IF* we get the chequebook out and sign a good manager and decent players. If we go down the ''Prudence'' route and sign a bunch of second rate players from the SPL or lower leagues, despite having no debt, parachute payments and more money to spend than most other clubs in the division, then we''ll finish mid table at best.[/quote] What this fella says. Yes,if we spend on the right players.Most teams in the championship have players with Prem experience & none will be easy to beat.
  2. No,we''re points adrift because we kept him for too long.It''s unfair to blame him completely, his tactics have been questionable but some of the blame must rest with the misfiring strike force.Hiring someone who bangs goals in for fun in Scotland (maybe not the hardest achievement in the world) & sadly the same for someone from the Portuguese league have in hindsight been the catalyst for us finding ourselves in the position we are now.The games against West Brom & Fulham were realistically our last chances of points.
  3. I don''t think we''ll score another goal this season but looking on the bright side, four 0-0 results will give us four points & safety.
  4. Losing to West Brom was the realisation that our season has slipped away . . . . . . . . this decision is the defibrilator that is hopefully going to kick start the heart back into Norwich City football club & keep us going in the Premier League. A change of face,tactics & hopefully a result against Fulham, all positives to keep us up,maybe?  
  5. Like anything you pay for,you''re entitled to complain if it doesn''t meet expectation & season tickets,merchandise,petrol money to home & away games etc etc are far from cheap. I think Norwich fans have been more than patient & if they can''t complain during the last opportunity of the season where we may have got 3 points & saved our season then when is a good time? Other fans from different clubs would have been far more vocal long before now. It''s a shame that the club has spent all that money on players that simply have not met expectation all bar a few exceptions. I''m sure the fans will be behind Norwich right up until the final whistle v Fulham when the realisation that we won''t get a single point from any of the remaining games sets in.
  6. Yes,losing today has put the writing firmly on the wall. I can''t see us winning at Fulham or even scoring against any of the last four. Every cloud & all that though . . . . . . . . . . . . . . at least we get to play Ipswich again!!  
  7. As the away tickets were over subscribed, the only way I could see this game was by borrowing a season ticket (three actually for myself & two of my sons) & sitting amongst the Arsenal fans in the North Bank with a perfect view of the corner. It shouldn''t have been a corner & I suspect the penalty was given because of the conversation between the linesman & Robert Snodgrass, it clearly hit a nerve! The penalty of course came from the corner.Anyone with any doubt over the linesman''s bias can be reassured that some of his decisions up to that point had been dreadful & in favour of Arsenal including not giving us a throw in even though the ball had crossed the line by a good two feet some time previous. The Arsenal fans were definitely puzzled as to the penalty but obviously very happy to have got it as we would have been. I even had a conversation about it just this morning with a colleague who is an Arsenal fan who felt we had been unlucky & robbed. Yes it was last season, nothing can be done about it & we should get over it but it still rankles & I hope this man has no part in officiating Premiership football this year.
  8. I want to hear from you more often with a gut feeling like that! Don''t suppose you have a guess for next weeks lottery please? Humble pie to those doubters on this thread direct from the oven of shame set at gas mark egg on your face
  9. Mark Bunn for me,he is fighting for the cause & nobody can question his commitment, I was in the North Bank at Arsenal ( unfortunately) but you could see the passion he has in him, he was so angry when the pen was given,punching the ground when it went in & wound the Arsenal fans up at every opportunity which was so much fun for the three of us Norwich fans to see. Stoke haven''t been scoring loads either & it sounds like some people are scared of them already.I would maybe try Ruddy for Man City but let Bunn keep the position he has looked so good in for the other games, it''s the least he deserves.
  10. Turner''s goal from the North Bank stand. It''s always hard to know exactly what happened from the other end of a ground but I must say I was envious of everyone in the Norwich section as it erupted.Even from the other end,the noise was tremendous & we looked at each other & I wished I had been able to get tickets.It looked like a great header. It was only pure luck that I managed to get an offer of three tickets for the North Bank but had to sit with all the Arsenal fans, it was very hard not joining in at that point. The three of us felt very proud of our fellow Norwich fans,the large section of yellow,exploding into a cauldron of noise. We could even see some people in green fancy dress near the front but couldn''t make out if they were crocodile or dinosaur or maybe something else.
  11. I wasn''t lucky enough to get tickets in with the Norwich fans yesterday but did get into the North Bank stand & had a good view from there. The linesman missed the ball going out of play on two occasions that I saw one for us & one for Arsenal, one of them at least two feet over which was staggering. I honestly think the fans sitting around me were just as amazed to get that penalty decision & I would bet that the majority wouldn''t have known (or cared anyway) what it was for. I didn''t think the ref had a bad game to be fair but that linesman was awful all game.I went to St Mary''s in November & was lucky enough to be in with the Norwich fans, in quite a similar seating position to yesterday & that linesman was awful too.In my opinion I think that some of the officials are so scared of upsetting the home fans,particularly when it''s bigger clubs or of making mistakes which makes them nervous.The one at Southampton looked like a rabbit in headlights for most of the time whereas yesterday''s didn''t . . . . he was maybe concentrating on that large wedge going into his bank account.
  12. Moyes was very unsporting at the end by not shaking the ref''s hand & I wonder if he would have been so vocal if it had been Everton getting the goal that deep into extra time? I suspect not. Who cares what he thought anyway, the reality is that we won 2-1 & another step towards Premier football next season.
  13. I think you''re all really mean, the poor Swansea lad is obviously a bit backward & simple which is evident in his inability to form a coherent argument & string a few meaningful sentences together. In not trying to be a c*** he has actually managed to be so with relative ease & is the most amusing thing I''ve read over the weekend so far. No, I think he should be left alone . . . . . he is in for a ribbing enough on the school bus in the morning.
  14. Clattenberg aside,that linesman running the line in front of us was one of the worst I''ve ever seen.Very non committal, for instance not giving us a throw at one point when the ball had crossed the line (we were level with the line), giving us a goal kick when it was a corner to them (not moaning about that,just the general standard of the officials) & lots of other incidents.He looked like a rabbit in the headlights & seemed to focus entirely on the offsides. I find it hard to believe these people are the best the Premiership has to offer in the way of officials. Good turn out of City fans on a cold November mid week night though.
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