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  1. Went To The Bar Area after The 4th Then Left at Half Time.
  2. He could''nt Catch a Cold If He Tried.
  3. walked out at half time... something has to be done. Things looking up after pre season, but back to same old norwich. Gunns gotta go !!!
  4. 7-1, What A Bunch of Over Paid C**ts !!! Glad I Left At Half Time.
  5. R.I.P, Sir Bobby Robson... One Of The Footballing Greats !!!
  6. Id Rather Take The Friday Night then a monday night kick off.
  7. EveryOne has there own Oppion on what to say and think.  
  8. If Its Are Money.. Then I Recon We Should Have A Say On How The Money Is Spent And What Player We Buy With It.
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