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  1. We seem to give away so many penalties, Whats going on?
  2. i thought they were cr*p to be honest qpr were better
  3. our flag is for norwich supporters not a norwich player i hope the brellier flag was ripped up and made into curtains and sent to him
  4. I honestly believe Norwich city has the best support in the country what other club fills their ground week in week out with the kind of form we have had for the last couple of seasons we always take a decent amount away just look at sheffield united how few supporters they brought and they barely made a noise I think all Norwich fans deserve a big well done we have been the only bright spark involved with norwich city in the last couple seasons On The Ball City!!!
  5. you lot are a bit serious aint ya sorry for having a laugh you will see our flag soon enough otbc
  6. i meant who is inch high lol cabbage army is a new group of hardcore norwich city fans named after club cabbage aka canary travel you will find us at most away games
  7. The famous cabbage army is here, keep a lookout for the flag.
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