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  1. Shackel was at fault for both Readings goals!!!!
  2.  Ticket available..E Block Jimmy Steed Stand ( South Stand) Face value plus my cost to pick up the ticket...from Kings Lynn So total £40  Post your Mobi number I will contact you..you can meet me before match at Antigallican pub nr Ground or in City in the morning before we leave at 0800....Otherwise you can collect today....Nr Gt Yarmouth.
  3. Mike Walker..Always my favourite manager..a True Brilliant Legend...lots know the real truth as to why he was sacked..Dont We!
  4. I can live with this team...Ian Crook will show our players how to play good football no doubt about that whatsoever...just watch how the same players under Roeder will now be so motivated under Gunny..just as Saturday.   GOOD LUCK.
  5. [quote user="Scot-e-dog"]I hope to god we don''t go for Dowie. He appears very similar to Roeder in ''modus operadi'' and overall success (although limited experience so far means he''s destroyed less clubs). This includes the ''my way or the highway'' approach, the ability to only lift a team for a short time, but completely fail to take them any further and a general disrespect for the club and the fans. With Dowie, we''ll be exactly where we are now this time next year. We need a manager who has a proven track record of working on a limited budget, i.e., one who can make the whole bigger than the constituent parts, and keep them going for more than 6-12 months.  I honestly don''t know who that is as every name we''ve been linked with so far has their drawbacks, but I guess if you pay peanuts you get monkeys. [/quote]   Maria Carey perhaps then!
  6. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="fanforlife"]Yep..The Caretaker Manager.[/quote] Will he get his own broom ?  Or will we have to loan one in from Arsenal ? [/quote] There is also a 24 hour return clause in place for his broom.
  7. Just tune in your radio to Norfolk at 0845 Tomorrow morning!
  8. There ya go...I told you 12 Minutes before Radio Norfolk just announced the Press Conference at 0845 tomorrow.
  9. Be ready for a press conferece at 0845 in the morning...No announcement today, just been informed.!
  10. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="fanforlife"]Nope..he never mentioned about it getting late...[/quote] It was 12:15 then, it wasn''t late.  now I''m confused. Confused....it was simply a humerous response! [/quote]
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